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plot This is a true story of Desmond T Dossat the battle of Okinawa. He won the medal of bravery and regard towards his fellow soldiers. We see how he is brought up and how he viewed things through a Christian background. He later meets Dorothy Schutte when he takes an injured man to the hospital. Dorothy works as a nurse in the hospital and two fall in love and begin a relationship. We also see his many trials and at the same time the tribulations. As a medic in the US army.

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Later on after joining the army the young man works as a medic. But before he left he asks for a hand in marriage with Dorothy and she accepts. He is put under sergeant Howell. He refuses to handle rifle and later becomes very outstanding. One night he is attacked by his fellows but still remain outstanding. They go to the fight where he is assigned the duty of taking care of the injured and making sure they are back safe for medical attention.

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Cast Desmond dossSergent HowellCaptain Jack CloverSmitty RykerTom Doss Desmond fatherLieutenant ManvilleDorothy SchuteDesmonds girl friend

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Bertha Doss- Desmonds motherColonel stelzerMilt Hollywood Zane Greese NolanVita RinnelliRalph MorganColonel CooneyHarold Hal- doss brother

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The characteristics that are used in the movie include gestures. Army communicate mostly through body movements and gestures. We can see the commander giving instructions to the soldiers. Another characteristic is tonal variation. Commands are given in different tones by the commander. There is the uniformity of ;language where only english is applied in the battle to avoid confusion and collission with the enemy.

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Part twoThe article used written communication which in this case was informal since it was not addressing any specific group but was instead written for classroom purposes. Written communication is able to preserve information for a very long time and can be used later for reference

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Some of the principles of communication included :Knowing the topic being addresedAnticipate objectionsLittle communication at a time while reading Knowing you purpose of the topic following all through what is written information presentation in several ways

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Elements of higher order thinking that were used in the quote on the internet to solve the debate were judgement and critical thinkingProblem solvingAnalysis evaluation and creation which is the bloom taxonomy

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The article elements that would best fit my household are:HeadlineBylineLeadRunning textconclusion

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