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Harry Potter Aspirations

Summary of the Connection between Harry Potter and Criminal Justice

The Harry Potter series finds application in criminal justice with the various events in the series pointing to the need to align the judicial system with the essential values. The characters in the series coordinated on numerous occasions to promote justice and fairness in the society. The integrated collaboration among the characters enabled them to take down the bad people by helping the inferior and weak people in the society. Simply put, the characters worked together to ensure criminal justice in society.

Main Paper

The Harry Potter series centres on the life of Harry Potter, a young wizard, and his two friends, Harmonie and Ron, who indulge in various heroic adventures over a span of seven years in their Hogwarts School (Jenkins 260). The series focuses on the fantasy novel by J.K Rowling who uses seven books to document the life of Potter and his friends, and enemies alike. The first book in Rowling’s series examines the early life of Potter while the rest of the books document his life at school. The paper explores the connection of this series to my major, future plans, goals, and dreams.

Criminology has various subsections whose integrated role is to promote law and justice within the society thus it has close ties to the Harry Potter series. The series covers broadly the elements of authority, law and justice whose emulation by concerned people can produce fairness in the contemporary society. The training and imparting of the code of ethics expected of people majoring in criminology occur at the school level although on-job training serves to strengthen and emphasize on the need to remain true to the course of justice. Therefore, watching the Harry Potter series would open me up to the possibilities I might encounter in my future career and as such, guiding me on the need to acquire and build on my crime prevention and tackling skills. One of the important lesson learnt in the series is that the criminal justice system does not function and operate so well as the people involved tend to tell the public. In the series, imprisonment and maltreatment of Sirius Black in Azkaban prison tell the story of the unfairness of the justice system (Hsu et al. 286). In the contemporary society, deliberations made by the judge rely on the evidence provided in the court of law. Even so, corruption and other societal and social shortcomings can cause a biased judgement thus not all people that find themselves in prisons necessarily are guilty of the alleged crimes. However, if the wrong judgement as evidenced in the series rely on the collection and presentation of inaccurate evidence in the court of law, then it is vital that any student majoring in criminology acquires skills and techniques essential in preventing such a mistake.

Apart from influencing my major, the Harry Potter series has a resounding impact on my future goals, dreams, and plans. I decided to undertake this major because of the soft spot I have for fairness and justice in society. Since time immemorial, those people perceived as weak and meek within the society hardly get the justice they deserve had the justice system been fair in its deliberations. Numerous cases and scenarios exist where the rich and wealthy people in society have held justice in their own hands and forced the system to make rulings that favoured them despite the knowledge that they were on the wrong side of the law. My dream of promoting fairness in justice system aligns with several events by Harry and his friends who had to break the law on several occasions to ensure attainment of fairness. Most people contend that the true colour of a person is in how he or she treats people on the equal social level and not on a lower level. The cruel treatment of Dobby by Lucius Malfoy is a solid example of how people choose to treat weaker people in society knowing very well that this inferior lot cannot defend itself from the muscles and jaws of the oppressors (Skiplives n. p.). Although Dobby dies finally, Harry Potter tries his level best trying to save Dobby. The revelation of the golden heart of Harry occurs in his attempt to rescue Dobby, which would have restored and promoted justice and fairness in society, i.e., Dobby was no match to the wizardry of Lucius. Therefore, Lucius chose a weaker and inferior opponent and ignored the likes of Harry Potter who would have matched his potential thus perpetuating elements of social unfairness. In the line of duty in future, I would like to maintain the traits and character of Harry Potter by doing whatever necessary for the prevalence of fairness and social justice regardless of the social class.

Although rules are essential to enforcing some form of discipline in any establishment, there are cases where breaking them is important for our own personal growth. Therefore, I would break the laws if the need arises if I would remain within the fold of promoting social justice. Most careers in this major entail interacting with people on a daily basis for the sake of discharging justice, i.e., ensuring that people face the law in accordance with their actions. Harry Potter, his friends and other students at Hogwarts break laws even so the administrator himself was not the typical rule-bound type of a leader. Albus Dumbledore, head of Hogwarts School, administered the laws and rules with the core purpose of enforcing discipline within the school. Rules prohibited students from practising some form of wizardry and casting certain types of spells within the school (Vezzali 110). Nonetheless, the writer explores the lives of high school boys and girls who at that stage tend to conduct numerous experimentation. Therefore, they would break some of these rules and go free given that even the administrator himself seemed to believe it would help unlock some hidden potential in the kids. Therefore, I would break the laws not entirely for unlocking my hidden potential but primarily for perpetuating the principles and needs to be required for the job. History and everyday occurrences in society seem to agree to the fact that we sometimes have to break the laws and rules when the greater good warrants deviating from some laid down guidelines. Even though breaking the law might be a possibility, I would ensure that I align my actions with the advice and wisdom of my seniors. From the series, the writer reveals that although Dumbledore was hardly upfront about what was happening, he always had a plan figured out by the end of the day. Therefore, I would always listen to my elders and my seniors with wider experience and wisdom as their advice might save me from a crocodile’s jaws.

Finally, the writer talks about the life of Harry Potter and other characters in a way that can inspire anyone to become the best in whatever they undertake. In the first book, the author documents that Harry was an orphan raised by his aunt whose family did not acknowledge his powers. They even go ahead to block his desire to join the Hogwarts wizardry school, although he managed to join the school at least. Throughout the series, the author glorifies the heroic actions of Harry Potter. On a greater extent, the writer seems to argue that our beginnings do not necessarily determine our future. The humble beginnings often form the cornerstone upon which we build our future lives. Therefore, I would align the life of Harry with my life and shy away from despising humble beginnings as I jumpstart my career. Also, the series reveals that teamwork is an essential element in our lives. Characters teamed up on several occasions to promote fairness and social justice in society e.g., the characters cooperated to win the Quidditch matches along with taking down the wrong people in society (Pounder n. p.).

The Harry Potter series contains information whose emulation has the power to change our personal lives and how we interact with other people. Today, not only has the series become a household name among people of different ages due to its wizardry but the inspiration mined from the events in the series have the capability to change the life of a person. Studies indicate that numerous people across the world continue to get inspiration from this series by adopting lifestyles and personalities that enable them to perform at their optimal best. My major calls for the need of people to respect the rule of the law and social justice in totality. The main characters in the series teamed up to take down the bad people thus promoting fairness and justice in society. Apart from perpetuating justice in society, I would break the laws if need be especially where the greater good warrants such a decision. However, my decisions would align with the advice from people with more experience and wisdom in my line of job.

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