Developing a Strategic Approach

Developing a Strategic Approach

Health Services Admin HAS 599

Developing a Strategic Approach

When using the strategic approach you are basically organizing and managing people’s knowledge and skills effectively to implement the organization’s strategies and gain a competitive advantage. Strategic thinking also involves an awareness of the environment; intellectual curiosity that is always gathering, organizing, and analyzing information; and a willingness to be open to creative ideas and solutions. Developing a strategic approach is basically measuring the organization’s outcomes, assessing the extent to which work initiatives facilitate the company’s ability to make a progress on key business strategies. As the administrator at Teach and Care Health Center, I had to face the challenges of declining reimbursements from insurance providers and increasing demands for patient services due to dramatic changes in the external environment. Those changes include those imposed by the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. As the administrator of the Teach and Care Health Center, our vision and mission sets the goals and describes and defines our facilities purpose.

Create a mission and vision statement for your organization. Determine three (3) specific strategic goals that align with the ideals in those two (2) statements.

Teach and Care Health Center mission statement the reason why we are here and it about what we are doing right now, and then our vision statement is about where we are taking the company about the future of the company.

The Mission Statement:

“At Teach and Care Health Center, we will provide health care with the assurance that our patients are encouraged, we will nurture their determination and the well-being of our elderly patients. Teach and Care Health Center will assist in improving their self-esteem, and self-confidence. Teach and Care Health Center will endorse our elderly patient and make sure that they are involved in all facets of Teach and Care Health Center”

Vision Statement:

All the years that Teach and Care Health Center we have maintained based on the views, suggestions, and the concerns of our communities. We are aware that the population of the elderly or senior citizens is growing remarkable. The service that the senior citizens and their families need is changing rapidly. At Teach and Care Health Center, we outline a plan that will allow our facility to remain successful, so we are able to transition with the changes that may come so that we can better serve the future seniors to come.

Values that predict solutions to problems that may arise in the organization should be set and the values must be shared and widely disseminated (Ginter, 2013). The reason values should be set is to make sure that the ethical code establishes the organization’s character and soul. Service performance is another strategic goal that aligns with the mission and vision statement for Teach and Care Health Center. Service performance basically shows the training, and the level of performance that leads to excellent service quality, including training, empowerment, and rewards. Training for the employees is one of the most important components of higher quality service, in order to advance or improve long-term capabilities of the service the employee provides they will need the proper training. Empowerment is providing the employees with self-government so that when the manager or I as the administrator is not in and some unexpected issue arrives that they will be able to handle. When a facility can function day to day and they implement the vision and mission statement daily towards all staff and patients, the experience of the customer, the perception of the quality care can increase the value in each of the organization’s relationships.

  1. Teach and Care Health Center strengthens and spread our services and programs because it builds up the value and fulfillment for persons served and we create original, compelling and quality programs and services that will be captivating to the next generation of senior citizens.
  2. Teach and Care Health Center will identify and administer the organizational culture and ensure continuing association with the mission and foundation values so that Teach and Care Health Canter can commune a belief surrounding the rewards that will be a magnet for and keep hold of highly experienced and engaged employees.
  3. Teach and Care Health Center will nurture and grow knowledge, so that we can produce and compel the increased market response to our program and our services in the target markets we serve.

Recommend one (1) specific adaptive strategy or combination of adaptive strategies that would be most effective in ensuring that the organization achieves its strategic goals. Support your recommendation with examples of the successful application of the recommended strategy or strategies.

At Teach and Care Health Center we feel that the adaptive strategy that we implanted to help improve and made sure that we reached our goal we remained work in progress (Ginter, 2013). As the administrator of Teach and Care Health Center I will make sure that the following adaptive strategies help build my organization and achieve all of their goals, even if that means connecting with other established senior citizen facilities in the area, forming so type of partnership. This particular hospital will also have to adopt explicit business strategies in order to survive in the healthcare industry (Ginter, 2013). Also as the administrator, as we strive to better the facility and the staff, that we will not forget the welfare of our patients, by making sure that they received the proper services they need for Teach and Care Health Center, and from the hospitals that we partner within that area.

Outline three (3) service delivery and three (3) support components that will be necessary elements of the organization’s value chain geared toward achieving the strategic goals that you identified. Examine, in detail, the main reasons why the delivery and support components of the value chain that you identified are essential to the achievement of the organization’s goals.

At Teach and Care Health Center we have a team that is familiar with value chain that Michael Porter discusses in his research concerning getting a competitive advantage, and also reaching our goals for the center. The value chain is basically different activities that we can use to create the value for our patients now and for the patient relationship, we have not developed yet in the surrounding areas yet. As we implement Porters strategies he had several activities that help a facility to get the resources we need to assist with getting the financial resources we need along with the input to maintain our existence. “Porter’s Value Chain focuses on systems, and how inputs are changed into the outputs purchased by consumers.”

The service delivery that will be necessary for Teach and Care Health Center are the outbound logistics, marketing and sales, and operations. Outbound logistics, these are going to be the healthcare products and our service that we will use for the seniors in our facilities that the patients will need during their stay. Any products that we may have available will be delivered to our local facilities, and also the facilities that we will have in the surrounding areas will be provided internal and external (Porter, 2008). Marketing and sales, this the process Teach and Care Health Center will use to get outpatients to purchase while in the facility instead of purchasing outside the value chain. Operations are where the facilities in the surrounding area that is partnered with Teach and Care Health Center are the transformation activities that change inputs into outputs that sold to our customers, and this is when we will create value (Porter, 2008). The inputs will consist of our supplies, and the knowledge we provide to our patients and the staff, the outputs are the products our patients will need to maintain daily care like healthcare products.

The support components that will be necessary for Teach and Care Health Center are the technology development, procurement, and human resource management. Teach and Care Health Center is tech savvy but we still have some growing to do, the technology development this is basically managing and processing the information while protecting Teach and Care Health Center knowledge base. This will help keep the cost of information technology down, along with making sure that Teach and Care Health Center is up to date with the latest technological advances. Procurement this is where Teach and Care Health Center does so that we can get all the resources that we need to make sure that the facility can function. We use procurement to find our vendors so that we can get the best price for what we need for the center. Now human resource management, this is where I am as the administrator work closely with by making sure that we make sure that we hire the most qualified, train the employees to make sure that they maintain and stay on top of the updated policy changes in the healthcare industry. We do this at Teach and Care Health Center because we want to have the advantage in HR practices.

Suggest one (1) specific approach to maintaining the selected adaptive strategy or strategies in order to ensure that the organization achieves its mission and vision.

As the administrator for Teach and Care Health Center addressing the short and the long-term approaches will be a way that I will maintain and continue to implement the mission and the vision for the facility (Ginter, 2013). Along with looking in the long and the short term strategies approach for the facility, this will also include maintaining our connections with the hospitals within the area while reaching for other locations to assist in the care for the senior citizens. With reaching out for other areas to assist with the care of the senior citizens, this will help Teach and Care Health Center financially, because most hospitals always have some sort of fundraising activities to raise monies that can help with the senior citizens in the different locations to pay for hospital services if needed.

Healthcare industry uses adaptive strategy to make sure that the organization does not run out of ways to remain financially stable most importantly. When you look at it, Teach and Care Health Center will run into some patients who will not be able to pay, they may not have insurance that will cover the facility stay or services, and f the hospitals that we are partnered with doesn’t raise enough money during the fundraising or just do not carry out a fundraiser, then all involved will be without the necessary finances to stay above water. As the administrator of Teach and Care Health Center, I will make sure that our adaptive strategic plans are implemented so that we keep providing services and care to our patients without running into a financial situation. Making Michael Porters value chain analysis an example to make sure that center meet all standards.


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