Hazard Control Precedence

Hazard Control Precedence




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Hazard Control Precedence

A hazard can be defined as an activity, a situation or condition that poses a threat to life, health and environment and if left unchecked can result in death or illness. It is important to identify and characterize some common hazards in order to be able to manage and control them. Hazards can be mechanical, chemical, environmental and biological (Roughton, 2002). Once hazards have been identified their potential to cause harm is assessed then controlled through various approaches.

Once the potential of a hazard has been evaluated a proper strategy is devised. Top of hazard control is to completely eliminate or s by substituting it with. For instance if there is a noise problem at work because of the machines one might consider to neutralize the noise by use of enclosures, barriers and other absorbing materials to attenuate the noise or alternatively one may decide to completely do away with noisy machines. Elimination of the hazard should be given a priority because in most cases it cost effective and it can completely eliminate the threat of a hazard causing any harm to life and environment.

Personal protective equipment (PPE) comprises of things such as glove, respirators, eye protection, gas masks and any other material or clothing that serves a barrier between the body and the hazard. Although PPE should not be the only resort and way of reducing exposure but it is the should be used as a last item especially when there is real danger of exposure. For instance, someone working in a laboratory or a welding shop may need to have eye/face protection because of the presence of potential exposure of the eyes and the face to gases, vapor, chemicals and injurious light radiation. Foot protection is another example of PPE and this can be worn when there is danger of slippery floors, piercing objects or electrical hazards.


Roughton, J. (2002). The Benefits of Job Hazard Analysis. OSHA 2002 Recordkeeping Simplified, 170-184.

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