Communication Scenario






Communication Scenario Analysis

Communication is very essential as it allows people to pass information for one person to another so as to enable action to be taken and thus realization of outcomes and results. The scenario provided contains various verbal and non verbal communication cues that aid communication between the group members. To start with, the email has used verbal cues to communicate the intended recipient through a written message that is circulated to members.

One of the verbal cues used is the emphasis cue which is meant to ensure focus and attention has been given to important information. An example is where the writer says “as you know, “so as to ensure the reader focuses attention to the message. Organizational cue has also been used to show the sequence of information for instance “we are in the final stages of launching a new product. We are now seeking ways to market the product to the public.”Non verbal cues used in the email for instance a short video may be using body expressions to show the new product. Some of the features that can be in the video is the use of facial expression to pass information to the viewers of the video.

Based on the characteristics of the group members, communication for this group may be average since there are some barriers as well as opportunities for effective communication. Gail can pass on the information effectively backed up by Robert who will use the nonverbal cues in communication that is body language. However Larry s likely to cause a barrier in terms lack of attention and limited levels of communication. On the other hand, Melissa is shy and thus can’t pass on the information and ideas she has and this is very essential in communication thus leading to average levels of communication for this particular group. However the barriers can be eliminated by encouraging the other members on the value of communication to the their members and the use of say written communication to pass ideas in the case of Melissa who s shy.

Verbal and non verbal communication can be perceived as defensive if the members for instance engage in “fight” which can be in form of yelling and “faint” which can be in form of sleeping. This leads to ineffective communication as they create barriers to communication resulting in bad relations at the workplace as people may perceive it as a form of disrespect.


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