Preparing for Working in Teams V

Preparing for Working in Teams

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What is the Learning Team Toolkit?It has the resources needed by students and is made available to them though this portalLearning Team LogLearning Team Charter

The Learning Team Charter

Explain the importance of the Learning Team Charter Formation of TeamsSetting Guidelines to guide the teamsWhy is it created? Help the Teams Set Goals and be guided by the goalsWhy is it important in collaborative environments? The Layout of the expected accomplishment is set out

The Learning Team Charter

How can it be used during team conflicts? Comes up with guidelines to deal with conflict before the occur.Why is it important to communicate with your faculty? It is important in my faculty because situations will arise that people will differ on opinions and they all need to be addressed appropriately.

Learning Team Evaluation

Explain the importance of the Learning Team Evaluation form.Rate ClassmatesGrade Your Self

Review the Learning Team Evaluation

Why is it important to rate the members of your team?Help fellow students notice what they need to work on.Provides students with an input of their grade.Why is it important that your faculty know how you would rate your team members?Fairness in all disciplinesEnsures participation of all students.

Learning Team Toolkit Resources

Learning Team Evaluation Form Learning Team LogLearning Team Charter Form

Importance of Team Work

Explain the importance of team work in education and the workplace.Aids learners in learning efficiently and in achieving the goals of an organization at the workplace.Identify some strategies you would use when working in a team.Assignment of responsibilities to each memberIdentify effective communication you would use when working in a team.Good listener


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