Human Resources In Health Care

Why is human resources in healthcare industry just as important as any other industry? Provide an example

For a good organizational culture in a healthcare facility then the human resource department should look into the welfare, safety, motivation initiatives, legal and ethical issues for their employees. Human resources ensure that efficient services are provided in these healthcare facilities by ensuring that they outsource the required expertise for example is a plastic surgeon is needed for a patient. They ensure that there is fairness in the facilities and that employee benefits are equally distributed by for instance having financial protection for all their employees. Also ensure that they meet patient’s expectations by providing quality services and by ensuring that there are appropriate facilities in these healthcare facilities. By ensuring that there is effective teamwork among these employees then there will be coordination of care for patients.

It will ensure that there is regular training to fill the gaps of skills missing in these facilities. It ensures that there is continuous education for their employees so that they develop their careers. This department is responsible for recruiting as well as termination of employees so they must ensure that there is discipline and facilities have the best skills. It ensures that there is strategic planning in healthcare facilities such that operations run smoothly. It ensures that employees stay motivated as well as determine the emerging and future trends in the industry.


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