Finance Environment

Finance Environment

Health Care Finance

HCS 385

Finance Environment

Economic trends of the health care payment system Ethics and compliance issues associated with the trends
Government regulation and policies Health is moving away from patient to government regulatory bodies as focus is shifting towards complying with the regulations (Casto & Forrestal, 2013). Standard reimbursement rateReview and regulation charges charged by healthcare personnelHIPAAAffordable Care ActCMS
Innovation and Technology Genetic engineering is the subject of many ethical concerns as people questions altering genetic makeup defeats many religious believes as creations are perfect as God made them.In an even of coexistence, how will natural human compete with genetically modified and more superior creatures.Electronic healthcare records have also allowed access of patients current and historical records with a click of a button any time. Chip implants to security and health monitoring is also an upcoming subject (Haseltine, 2013).Robotic surgeryHealth wearables and trackersBrain wireless sensorsArtificial OrgansRegulatory bodiesFood and Drug AdministrationUnited States Department of Health and Human ServicesCenters for Medicare and Medicaid ServicesCenters for Disease Control and Prevention
Health Reforms Lack of choice as people who choose not to have an insurance gets penalized leads to ethical concerns as what extent people are allowed to chooseRegulation of healthcare cost leads to poor healthSome people believe mandatory health insurance contribution are meant to curb federal budget deficit (Toussaint & Adams, 2012)


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