Health Care for Cognitive Issues

Health Care for Cognitive Issues

The Cognitive Battery

Performance of the Mind

Cognitive Concerns

Inability to Remember Lack of Attention When Speaking to Them Unable to Problem-Solve Difficulty Speaking or Recalling Correct Words

Loss of Mental Functions

Dementia & the Loss of One’s Mental ProcessesChanges in Behavior, Mood, PersonalityNational Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes (NINDS)

Lifespace = Oak Trace Community

Facilities in 12 states Dedicated to Seniors with Cognitive Issues Committed to Integrated Plan for Seniors In Our Area Since 1973 Lifespace Communities Bought Facility Renamed it Oak Trace

Financially Stable Community

A Not-For-Profit Community Awarded Well-Deserved “A” Rating 1,863 Continuing Care Facilities in US 3 Received Coveted Award of “A” Rating Lifespace/Oak Trace Received an “A”

Services and Care Available

Multitude of Services for Cognitive DifficultiesDeal with Intellect, Social, Physical, Emotional, Vocational, and Spiritual Levels of Patient Provide Mental and Stimulating ChallengesImproves Patient’s Balance, Strength, Endurance, MobilityAssist with Rollercoaster Ride of Life

People Energized Through Purpose

Great Opportunity to Fit InSix Dimensions of WellnessBenefiting from Varied Activities

Catered Living Services for Residents

Skilled NursingAbove-Average Memory Care Excellent Range of Care by Physiatrist Palliative Care, Hospice Services Social Services

Also Known As Dementia

The Cause(s) of This Disorder The Many Names for this Disease Type of Care Required As It Advances

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