Long-Term Care Facility Study

Long-Term Care Facility Study

HCS/ 437

Long-Term Administration

Hire and Fire employees Delegate and evaluate personnel performanceNegotiate medical supplies contracts Agreements with medical equipment suppliersPhysicians, nurses and CNABudget and interpret financial information

Case Management

Coordination with Physicians appointments Schedules procedures and surgeriesDetermines the best treatment for the patient MultifacetedStructuredPatient-facing

Staffing Needs of Long term care facilities

Main goal is to always provide the best quality care to all patients.RN and LPN on staff and working on every shift and working with doctors to closely monitor each patients needs. Ratio of staff to patient to be minimum 1:7.Specialized therapist, social workers, pharmacists, administrators available to patients when needed.

Current Health Care Trends

Increasing numbers of High Acuity ResidentsThe Increasing Popularity of “Aging in Place” and Facilitating a Continuum of Care

More home-like facilitiesMore culturally diverse staff


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