Executive Committee Presentation

Executive Committee Presentation


HIPPA Compliance 1996

Decreases health care fraud and abuseCommands industry-wide standards for health care information on electronic billing and other processesRequires the protection and confidential handling of protected health information


Response to Situation Per HIPAA Regulations (1996): Privacy, Security, and HITECH (2009)

Individual NoticeMedia NoticeNotice to the SecretaryNotification of a Business Associate

Response to situation per HIPAA Regulations (1996): Privacy, Security, and HITECH 2009

UnintentionalInadvertently DisclosureGood Faith Belief

Ethical Issues of the Situation

NotificationsRemedial Action Reported

Employee Follow-Up

Recommended Changes Per 1996 HIPPA: Data Security and Privacy Compliance

Assign responsibilityKeep Protected Health Information (PHI) secure and privateEstablish office policies, implementation procedures, and training for employees Inform patients of their rights and support those rights Limit access of patient information to businesses outside the organization


Medical Error (Incident Reports)

Incident report if filed when medical errors occurIn hospitals, nursing homes, and assisted livingThese describe what happened at the sceneHelpful when dealing with possible future liability issues

Response to Medical Error to Reduce Liability

Acknowledgement of the ErrorTransparencyEthics

Ethical Issues of Medical Errors

Harm to patientsDisclosure of ErrorImpact of quality of care

Responses to Joint Commission Concerns

Identify and prioritize high risk processesUse a team approachConduct risk assessmentsOpportunity to improve patient safety

Strategy to Reduce Medical Errors

Anticipate the unexpectedPromote effective teamsCreate a learning environment



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