Health Administration Program Scavenger Hunt


Health Administration Program Scavenger Hunt



Health Administration Program Scavenger Hunt

Part 1

Complete the following tables using and the program handbook.

Table 1

Identify the BSHA Core Courses Where did you get the information from?
HCS/140: Fundamentals of Electronic Health RecordsHCS/120: Medical Terminology for Health Care ProfessionalsHCS/131: Business Communication Skills for Health Care ProfessionalsHCS/235: Health Care Delivery in the U.S.HCS/245: Introduction to Health and DiseaseHCS/305: Health Care Professional DevelopmentHCS/335: Health Care Ethics and Social ResponsibilityHCS/483: Health Care Information SystemsHCS/451: Health Care Quality Management and Outcomes AnalysisHCS/325: Health Care ManagementHCS/370: Organizational BehaviorHCS/341: Human Resources in Health CareHCS/380 Health Care AccountingHCS/385: Health Care FinanceHCS/490: Health Care Consumer – Trends and MarketingHCS/457: Public and Community HealthHCS/455: Health Care Policy: The Past and the FutureHCS/456: Risk ManagementHCS/475: Leadership and Performance DevelopmentHCS/499: Health Care Strategy CapstoneHCS/465: Health Care Research UtilizationHCS/430: Legal Issues in Health Care: Regulation and ComplianceHCS/446: Facility Planning I got the information at UOPX’s program handbook 2016-2017 Health Services Administration Program Handbook for Students, pg.13https://www.

Table 2

Identify the Undergraduate Certificates Where did you get the information from?
Health Management CertificateLong Term Care Certificate Electronic Health Records Fundamentals CertificateHealth and Wellness Administration Foundations CertificateMedical Records CertificateEmergency Management CertificateAdvanced Health Care Information Technology Certificate I retrieved the information of undergraduate certificates from; Online certificate programs for professionals (2019). Retrieved from And 2016-2017 Health Services Administration Program Handbook for Students

Part 2

Preferred course sequence refers to the order in which students are recommended to progress through their coursework. The sequencing is designed intentionally so that important concepts and outcomes are introduced, reinforced, and assessed in a logical order.

Answer the following in 200 to 350 words: Why is following the preferred course sequence important? What are some possible risks of taking courses out of sequence?

Following the proffered course sequence is important because the courses have been organized in a way that once one course builds on the concepts from a previous course. This is quite important because there are technical basics that a course provides and moving from one course to the other builds on them. Following the provided guideline will enable learning to happens in a smooth curve without straining on the student’s part as they are in a position to relate a more advanced course with a previous one done in an earlier class. The courses are organized in a way that the foundational courses come first and the rest follow later on. Concepts are gradually built from the first to last enabling learning with ease.

Taking courses out of sequence might end up mixing up the student. It is even possible that the student will fail to grasp the more technical and challenging concepts is they start with them without the foundational courses in sequence. At the end of the program, learning wouldn’t have been achieved. It is therefore crucial introducing the courses and concepts in sequence so that the students can learn and develop the concepts with ease gradually by following the preferred course sequence.

Access the preferred course sequence for the BSHA core courses using the program handbook.

Answer the following in 200 to 350 words: How does knowledge of the preferred course sequence change how you might schedule or approach your classes?

Knowledge of the preferred coursework will greatly impact my choices. This gives me the guidance on how I should handle each and every class. I will know the foundational courses that I need in order to peruse and course. I will be in a position to work on the requirements of the course before attempting the course. My approach to classes will also change since I know what a course requires of me and I know that there will be more in the future. Whenever a course doesn’t seem to contain as much information as I might have known from another source, I will be at ease when checking out the sequence since it could be a foundational course that is needed to tackle more in future for a complete knowledge on the subject.

An experience from past levels of study has shown me that there is always a better understanding and accomplishments of the course objectives. This is because the instructor has an expectation of the course knowledge and requirements of the course and hence delivering it with some expectations. This will make me and the instructor be at bar hence better learning and understanding with ease as they won’t have to be explaining the concepts once more over and over again. My approach will surely change.

Part 3

Review the MHA and graduate certificate options on

Answer the following in 200 to 350 words: If you were to continue your education after completing the BSHA, which option would you most likely choose? Why?

After completing my BSHA, I will definitely continue with my studies at the University of Phoenix. Master of health administration would be my best choice. This is because I have interest in health and I would like to peruse it to an advance level. This will enable me to deliver my duties and responsibilities with a deeper understanding in the field. For some time now, I have always loved the field helping people in the health sector solving their issues and that motivated me to take the course I am currently perusing. Apart from a better understanding in the field, I will also have an edge in the field over my peers. Masters programs normally give an edge to graduates as employers prefer people who have more than just the basic requirements, this will make me be among the few and hence standing out. This will inevitably, hopefully, come with better reward at the end for me. It will also give me the freedom to experiment with a number of institutions since I have the flexibility considering the advanced knowledge from the University of Phoenix. Furthering my studies too will enable me to serve patients and those in need of my services as a well and able professional.