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Child Abuse

The issues relating to child abuse are sensitive in the United States. The health and policy department plays a crucial role in control and mitigation of child abuse as one way of ensuring the safety of children. The department should ensure that formulation of policies that protect children from all forms of abuse, as well as ensuring that the abused children are treated, and any perpetrators of abuse are litigated. It should also provide guidance for provision of services to children and families and any form of threat. Moreover, it is required to offer legislative support aimed at improving children’s welfare through social support and sufficient funding for proper implementation of healthcare programs and services for children (Landsverk, 2017).

According to Landsverk (2017), another expectation is that the Health and policy department should liaise with community organizations, professionals, and the government in ensuring that violence against children is largely mitigated to create a society that value children and an environment where children can grow and develop holistically. In addition, it is expected the department should liaise with such bodies as Maternal and Child Health Bureau of Health Resources and Services Administration, the American Academy of Paediatrics, and the Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) among others so that the developmental and health needs of children can be identified and addressed appropriately. The recognition that good health is primary to the development and successful transition of children to adulthood is paramount, and the health and policy department should be on the forefront of ensuring that relevant policies aimed at improving children welfare are put in place as part of important societal issues that need to be addressed.

Chemical Dependency

On the other hand, when it comes to chemical health dependency, the Health and Policy Department is tasked with ensuring that rules and regulations that control drug abuse, addiction, and treatment is put in place. Drug abuse and increased chemical dependency have become serious issues affecting the society. It is upon the health and policy department to ensure a generation free from dependency on chemical and other substances (DiClemente, 2018). The department should provide prevention programs and policies that are largely based on sound-evidence principles that can effectively reduce substance abuse and any related harm to people. When it comes to the treatment of most severe chemical dependency cases, a chronic-illness management approach should be put in place as a national healthcare policy (Meyerson et al., 2016). Therefore, the department should work towards formulating policies and programs that effectively emphasize on prevention and treatment of chemical dependency among Americans to ensure a healthy nation.

Eating Disorders

From a healthcare perspective, the U.S Health System and Policy Development department should ensure that it also prioritizes on policies that prevent eating disorders and also ensuring their effective treatment among the Americans. It should work towards assessing support for policy strategies that will effectively address eating disorders and weight stigmatization in the society (Landsverk, 2017). For example, it should come up with a school-based curriculum on health that aims at preventing eating disorders. Secondly, healthcare providers and educators should be trained on detection of eating disorders so that they can be treated early enough. A public and school-based anti-bullying policy should be set to protect students and people with such conditions from discrimination and psychological torment (DiClemente, 2018).


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