Health Care Marketing Homework Week 6

Health Care Marketing Homework Week 6

Chapter 11: Promotion

 Chapter 12: Advertising

  • In recognition of the post-purchase role of promotion, what strategies would you suggest for:
  • (a) A busy hospital emergency room: Sales complex and simple advertising. The more people involved in making a corporate purchasing decision, the greater the need for personal selling. When numerous decision makers are involved, each one may have a distinct set of attributes upon which he or she bases a decision.
  • (b) An executive fitness program that provides health screening and fitness evaluation: high sales and low advertising because the executive fitness program need to use a sales person that explain the intricacies of the program
  • (c) An occupational medicine program that contracts its services to companies: Few personal sales and many advertising because here might be best promoted with a personal sales effort targeting the companies who have employee assistance personnel.

Chapter 13:

  • The director of a cardiac rehabilitation program was approached recently by a sales representative from the community newspaper selling advertising space. The sales representative underscored the fact that the paper had the largest circulation of any of the three papers serving the area, and it had the lowest cost-per-thousand. Before deciding to use this medium, what other factors should the program director consider?
  • Before deciding to use the newspaper advertising space the director need to consider some factors such as:
  • Picking the right medium: television, radio, newspaper, magazines, outdoor advertising, direct marketing, or internet advertising
  • The cost of using a media: To chose any advertising the director need to first of all look at the cost, and the underlying effect in your business because he need to consider how expensive that will be the advertising.
  • The extent of the circulation of this media: In my opinion, this is the most important factor, because is any media is like running an advert in local city and the director want sometime more expanded circulation it doesn’t work this advertising. So the director needs to consider the reach and extent of circulation of the medium that he chooses.
  • Target market: It important talking to the right audience, and make a research to know the target audience. If don’t chose a right audience the advertising fail.
    • The number of people that the advertising is hoped to reach: For the director achieve good results through running a successful advertising campaign, he must take cognizant the number of people that will receive the promotion, this is why people who advertise in newspaper can estimates the number of people that have access to the advertising.

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