Health Care Promotion Project Alzheimer Health Promotion Project for Caregivers

Health Care Promotion Project: Alzheimer Health Promotion Project for Caregivers


OverviewAlzheimer’s Health Promotion

Demographics specific to proposed clientele for the program statistics and impact on the individual Costs of the health promotion projectPotential funding for programTimeframe for implementation of health programProjected location for programPersonnel needed for program implementationPlan for promotion of program


Demographics Specific to Proposed Clientele for the Program

Individuals Afflicted with Alzheimer’s  Number of Caregivers for Three YearsCaregivers’ Hours of Unpaid CareUnpaid Care Monetary Value

National Statistics and Impact on the Individual

Caregivers Mainly Primary Earners in FamilyPaid or Unpaid Caregivers Live with PatientMembers of The Sandwich Generation14.9 Million Family Members are Caregivers17 Billion Hours Unpaid Care = $202.6 Billion

Costs of the Health Promotion

Budgeting Worksheet


Collections over the past yearBaselineQuarterly Collection GoalMaking Investments


Costs of Health Promotion cont

Budgeting worksheet


Donations for marketing commitmentsTotal marketing budgetAverage monthly budget


Potential Funding for Program

Project C.A.R.EState Alzheimer’s Support ProgramNational Family Caregiver Support ProgramCash and Counseling Programs

12 months 15% 18 months 35 24 months 60% 36 months 100%

Projected Location for Program

Personnel Needed for Implementation

Lead Contact personTreasurerVolunteersA medical professional

Personnel Needed for Implementation

Social WorkerKey speakersAttendees

Plan for Promotion of Program

DevelopImplementEvaluateEvidence-based health promotion programming for older adults



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