Health Insurance Policy

Health insurance is important to all individuals whether young or old. Health insurance is beneficial because it helps many people to cater for their health needs even in difficult economic situations. The fact that there are uninsured people and there is still a likelihood of an increase in the number may pose a problem in the near future. Health insurance is helpful in many areas. From treatment to check up, the benefits go beyond diseases and prevention. Insurance helps people to access affordable healthcare unlike uninsured people who may pay more for the same. Insurance affects directly how healthy people are at the end of the day.

Uninsured people should be insured for a number of reasons. The most important is reduced cost of healthcare. Treatment under an insurance plan costs less than the same treatment paid directly by the person. The people are more likely to get sufficient healthcare if they are insured. Insurance covers check ups also. This preventive measure of healthcare allows people to live healthier lives and get treatment before the diseases cause any damage. The health insurance plan helps keep the nation healthy and improves access to healthcare. Healthcare is crucial and everyone has aright to accessible healthcare, which can be catered for by health insurance.

There are some young people who are not insured because they feel that they are healthy. Unfortunately, anyone can fall sick at any time without warning. Furthermore, lifestyle diseases are taking toll on young people. Accidents also may result in injuries which will require comprehensive healthcare which does not come cheap. The only way to ensure that such situations are taken care of is to get insured. If any of these befalls anyone, health insurance will ease the burden for them. Without health insurance the cost may too high to manage.

Those who are uninsured at times end up costing the country the taxpayers money. The high cost of healthcare at times means that they can not pay fully for the bills. It is estimated that of the 7% margins that the hospitals make, approximately 5% is unsettled debts that has to be met by the taxpayers. If all these people were insured then there would be no debts that are so costly to the taxpayers. In order to insure more people, the government should lower the premiums further for the poor. In such cases, the people will be able to afford to pay for their healthcare insurance.


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