Hidden Figures

Hidden figures




The fact that the three characters Katherine, Dorothy and Mary are used in the NASA project to launch John Glen’s Spaceship as human computers is just brilliant and this captivated me most. The setting of this scene depicts that brilliance goes beyond color or rather racial identification; this is because the movie depicts a lot of racial stereotyping towards three young African-American women determined to build their career. However, they are given extraordinary roles that finally set apart the uniqueness of the mission. Most interestingly, it is their race and gender that sets them apart from the rest and the unbelievable capability of solving engineering and mathematical problems for the spaceship. The second part is outlined by Dorothy Vaughan, a geek computer engineer who mesmerizes the audience on the hard task of programming the IBM mainframe computer. The way she handles the process, to enable the computer tackle advanced calculations that the mission required showed me that race and gender are not related to mental capability. The third part is the roles that the antagonists Kirsten Dunst, Jim Parsons and Costner play. Their roles were well outlined and showed the theme of gender stereotyping and racism as they gave the three engineers and mathematicians a hard time trying to prove that they were not up to the standards. I hated them for their roles, but I later appreciated their roles in outlining the theme of racial discrimination and gender stereotyping. The ability to handle the different spaceship technologies and calculations made the movie very interesting especially for the fact that these brilliant ladies handled projects that none of NASA experts were able to handle.

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