Hightone Electronics, Inc. Case Study

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Hightone Electronics, Inc. Case Study

MSPM 6130: Budgeting and Mgmt of Ops

Case Questions


  1. Explain why operations management is critical to the success of a business. Why would developing an Internet-based business require different operations considerations for HEI? Is George Gonzales correct in his assessment that this would not be “business as usual”?


  1. Recall that HEI wishes to continue its reputation of high quality and service. Identify key operations management decisions that need to be considered. How different will these decisions be for the Internet business?


Case Study Answers

  1. Operations Management is the activity that designs, Organizes, orchestrates and controls the advantages anticipated that would make an association’s products and administrations. It incorporates regulating people, hardware innovation, information and various distinctive resources. It is responsible for arranging each resource for make the last product. This consolidates designing the thing; picking what resources are required; overseeing timetables, gear and workplaces, supervising stock controlling quality; arranging the occupations to make the thing. Along these lines, operations management is in charge of dealing with every one of the operations did in changing the product from the information stage to the yield arrange. Since the nonattendance of legitimate operations management can prompt association achievement and its nonappearance will prompt disappointment. The web stances challenges for operations management. The Internet can be used to purchase almost everything on the web. Customers’ adaptability is given by the web itself; however it has in like manner made challenges for associations to convey the customers whatever has been guaranteed on the sites. The activity thought for HEI is unique and is more intricate. Additionally, Gonzales was right in his assessment this would not be “nothing new”.


  1. Since the Hightone is offering the products in extensive volumes, so it is imperative to consider the market development painstakingly. The company needs to guarantee that they could convey it to the different system of purchasers. The quality management of the products is imperative since the company is offering the products under guarantee. And furthermore, the market needs a setup preceding propelling in the online market.


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