HIS 104 Assignment 1 – Outline

Assignment #1: Outline

HIS 104



  1. Thesis statement: The discovery of America was important because it brought the Columbian Exchange, Atlantic Slave Trade, and Age of Exploration. The Columbian Exchange brought forward food, ideas, plants, diseases, and populations between the New and Old World. These events altered cultures of many, eventually the world.
  2. Outline
    • Three (3) major aspects that demonstrate Old and New World exchanges are:
    • Columbian Exchange
    • Atlantic Slave Trade
    • Age of Exploration
    • Five (5) specific groups that were affected by this event and two (2) examples for each group describing how they were affected.
    • Native Americans- After the Columbian Exchange a lot of their families were wiped out by warfare and diseases. “The list of infectious diseases that spread from the Old World to New World is long; the major killers include smallpox, measles, hooping cough, chicken pox, bubonic plague, typhus, and malaria.” (Denevan, 1976, p. 5). However, the Native did not have any involvement with Old World, so their immune system could not fight the disease.
    • Slaves- The devasted from Native people dying from diseases, a demand for labor was needed. African were forced into labor which would carry on from 1600s to 1900s. Over 12 million African struggled from the impact of the Columbian Exchange. According to National Gallery Jamaica lives were changed, “The cruel realties of the lives of those African people abducted and transported to Jamaica to work on European plantations.” (National Gallery Jamaica, 2017) Amass of African migration to different plantation, it causes their empires to topple. Racism against slaves emerge from this event.
    • Spanish- Spain controlled most of the silver in the world. Their silver came from South America and had a base in the Philippines. Wars begin in Europe over the silver.
    • Merchants- Government obtain more gold and silver as possible. This help the rich stay richer. There were trades and balances of selling more goods than you buy. Other countries tried to export more goods than they imported so they could keep more favorable balance of trade.
    • English- They used labor of enslaved Africans to grow sugar on plantations in the Caribbean. English became very wealthy behind this act.
    • Five (5) ways that the creation of new global trade routes affected the occupations and lifestyles of the average working American in the colonies.
    • Improvement of Lifestyle- The average American were able to earn more on the products that they worked on.
    • African lives were change due to the new global trade route because they worked on plantation hoping for freedom one day.
    • Changes to Native American lives and balance of power between tribes
    • Landowner benefit directly from the slave’s labor. Women were prohibited to have such power, economic and political.
    • Women role and status change

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