Healing Hospital: A Daring Paradigm

Title:  Healing Hospital A Daring Paradigm


Grand Canon University

The health of an individual is molded by physical, social, emotional, sociable and religious welfare. Technology and machines have already has taken over people’s lives to its extent that our life is dependent on the use of these machines, even in healthcare surroundings. There are many technologies available at present time. There are bedside continuous monitoring, computerized charting, robots in operating room, and many more technologies assists health care providers throughout hospitals. An affectionate attention access comprehends the thought that the spirit body and mind are integrated in the caring action. The spirit mind and body also the psychological social and physical aspect also incorporate with Healing hospitals.

The features of a caring hospital contain the organization of a refinement of affectionate care, loving adoption of spiritualism and physical care nature. The quiet and natural surrounding empowers curing is the physical nature of the healing hospital. Some cases of these environments may contain a charming place decorated with plants and flowers, quiet and warm, even the beautiful walls of the hospital that settles down the patient’s brain. The physical environment also contains devices with scientific progresses that create less noise and pollution. A calm place is less stressful for not only for patients but healthy people too. The element of affectionate care eases healing. When the health care professionals include affectionate loving care, it advances caring. One way of promotion of caring is the compassionate affectionate loving care. When the physicians and nurses relate this to the patient’s life it boosts healing.

The other effective component of its healing hospital is its mode of operation. The strength of the healing hospital can be increased by incorporating with technology. It also constitutes the security, safety and privacy of the patients and their family members and also maintains their self-respect. Technology also furnishes amusement as well as training concerning to patient’s healing. The technological promotions like quick lab results and effective diagnostic and screening procedures like colonoscopy, mammogram also promotes healing process.

Healing hospital recognizes and values spiritual impression. Some people with spiritual mind are may not be religious; these groups of people also should receive spiritually respected care. Spirituality admits implying and intention in life, hope and having a legacy and connections to others. Spirituality has many definitions. As per National Consensus Conference on spiritual care in palliative care “the aspect of humanity that refers to the way individuals seek and express meaning and purpose and the way they experience their connectedness to the moment, to self, to others, to nature, and to the significant or sacred.”

There are so many disputes in making a healing place in a conventional hospital circumstance. Chapman postulates 5 disputes: they are prescription, business factors technology, poor leadership and bureaucracy. Technological advancement tries to defies even the natural procedure like aging. Charitable foundations also turning in to money making institutions because of some people business interest. The rigid rules and regulations convert a healing hospital to a military place. A poor leadership is the worst one, causes failure to render compassionate care as well as respect and dignities. This also fails to consider the person as a whole.

The Good Samaritan parable from the Bible in the gospel of Luke 10:30-37 depicts the affectionate and concerned care to another human being. In this parable Jesus tells the story of a Jewish man that travels from a place called Jerusalem to another place called Jericho. On the way some thieves attacked him and took everything he had and finally left him wounded and half dead. A priest came that way and he passed him without noticing him. After that a Levite also saw him and left the man unnoticed. Finally a Samaritan passed that way saw him attended his wounds and took him to an inn and also paid money. In this parable Jesus tells the only person who goes to heaven is the one who shows love and attention to his fellow human beings.


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