Identification of Research Topics

Identification of Research Topics

HLT 317V

Grand Canyon University

Identification of Research Topics

The three Research topics that I have chosen are, Failure to label Specimens, Childhood Obesity and using technology and protecting patient information and confidentiality. I selected these topics because I feel they are three areas that we can improve greatly on. Failure to label specimens is a huge issue in clinics and very frustrating to patients because it generally involves them having to come back into the clinic to get their blood taken again or leaving a specimen. So this can be very time consuming and also time wasting for the patients. It talks about the stats on how often specimens are mislabeled, failure to label and bad collection samples.

Childhood obesity is a continuing struggle for this generation of children. More restaurants are developing “quick service meals” which are generally full of high calorie, high fat and high sugar content. Children nowadays are several overweight and are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes at a very young age. The article I selected for this topic talks about family history and how it can determine if offspring will suffer from the same obesity issues. It goes into further detail of how the parents could be an added issue to childhood obesity.

Lastly I have chosen using technology and protecting patient information and confidentiality. As technology improves so does health care technology. Patients want to be able to communicate with their health care providers through electronics. Things we have to remember about electronics are that they are always changing and people can “hack” the system, break in and steal information. How can we protect patients from cyber hackers and also keep communication open and effectively. The article I chose talks about the good, the bad and the ugly of health care IT and things that can be done to make sure there are no patient information leaks.


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