What Is Your Role in Communicating Research Information

What Is Your Role in Communicating Research Information?

HLT 317V

Grand Canyon University

What Is Your Role in Communicating Research Information?

During my experience, I felt a little overwhelmed at first during the questionnaire. However, it really made me stop and think about how my communication skills can be improved. My score was a 64 which is considered fair, “Missing a significant amount of satisfaction which could be experienced through better communication”.

What I have been learning about my communication skills is that I do listen to people and I truly do try to improve or help those in need. I will find a way to help those who need help and better my communication skills, hone on effective communication. I need to lead by example.

I learned that I tend to be too hard on people. I can come off “stuck up”, I set my expectations to high, I necessarily don’t need to lower my expectations but I do need to set them so people can achieve them and then can increase expectations. I need to set people up for success not failure. I am easily angered and I need to learn to keep it under control

I learned that I tend to set very high expectations and I need to relax and take deep breaths and allow things to happen. I cannot control everything and I need to show that I can listen and hear people’s concerns and make improvements on my communication skills.

Having collaboration between people will also help develop effective communication. Working together for one purpose which that purpose is to help patients get better and getting discharged so they can enjoy their life to the fullest.


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