Family and Friend Culture Paper

Family and Friends Cultures through the Years


Grand Canyon University:

Family and Friends Cultures through the Years

This paper will go over my father and mothers culture which in turn shows my personal culture in how I was raised. I also chose a close friend who would be put into a category that most would not want to be under. They come from a gypsy background but now are becoming more refined into a gypsy culture with a modern flare. They want to break down the doors and barriers and show people they are just as human as we all are and do care about their own futures.

Growing Up

My culture growing up was a mixture of Blue Collar workers and farmers. My family comes from Europe – France (father’s side) and Ireland (mother’s side). We are also grew up in a Christian family, went to church every Sunday and Wednesday. That did change once I was a Sophomore in High School as my parents let me do my own thing and they worked and traveled.


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