Teen Pregnancy Human Services Ethics & Interventions

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HN144-04: Human Behavior and the Environment

Unit 4 Assignment: Teen Pregnancy: Human Services Ethics & Interventions

Teen Pregnancy: Human Services Ethics & Interventions

Gary’s environment has a bad influence on his behavior and decision-making during his adolescence because it was not a good one. His father has never been round because he lived in Utah with his other family and even though he is nice to Gary while they are on the phone, he shows no interest in being a real father to Gary. Gary living in Chicago with his little sister and his mother, whom is a drunk and never hardly able to take care of herself, has left Gary over whelmed and having to take care of all of them and himself, which could be the main cause of Gary doing a lot of drugs. All that leaves Gary all by himself to do whatever he wants to do because nobody seems to care (Zatrow, C.).

It is important for a Human Service Professional (HSP) to have a reciprocal relationship with their client. If Gary would start working with a HSP and develop a reciprocal relationship with them, it would give him the resources, such as ways to overcome his drug use, support groups, classes to prepare him to care for his child after it was born, anger-management classes, etc., that could help him. It could also help Gary to improve his grades in school so that he could stay in school to be able to get a good paying job so that he could better care for his baby once it was born. Gary would also be taught/learn better ways to handle the way he things so that he would no longer think negatively all the time anymore because when an individual thinks negative, they attract negative.

When considering working with Gary, keeping the NOHS Ethical Standards in mind, I would have several concerns; however, the most important concern of mine would be standard 12 of Ethical Standards, which states that HSPs are aware of the local, state, and federal laws and they consider the conflict between the values of obeying the law and the values of serving people and may decide to initiate social action (NOHS). With that being said, the HSP knows that with Gary using drugs, he should not and does not be around the baby. So if Gary continues to use his choice of drugs, then he will not be allowed around the baby once it is born; however, if he does continue to use and is around the baby, the local CPS (Children Protective Services) Agency would be called. If that happened there would be a chance that the baby could be taken away until Gary could get off drugs and prove through drug screens that he has been clean and staying away from all the drugs.

I feel that the Ethical Standard that would be important to apply to this case then would be the standard number 35. This standard helps the HSP to strive to develop and maintain a healthy personal growth to ensure that they are capable of giving optimal services to their client and should the HSP get physically, emotionally, psychologically where they cannot offer services they have to give the patient alternatives that they can go to in order to continue their care.

One place a HSP could refer Gary to, that could provide assistance to him with his current issues is the Chicago-Read Mental Health Center. They are located at 4200 North Oak Park in Chicago next to Forest Park and would be easy for Gary to find since it is in his area. The contact phone number for Gary to contact them is (773)794-4000. This agency could assist Gary with his drug use, anger issues, and all of Gary’s other issues as well that he needed assistance with.

After considering my responses on my assignment and considering the epilogue, I think that if Gary took any of the recommendations and went to Chicago-Read Mental Health Centre, he would have become less stressed, learned how to deal with his mother and father issues, obtained the knowledge he needed to kick his drug use and kicked it, as well as learned he had someone to talk to and his grades would have drastically improved as well as his relationship with Linda. He would have gotten a job after school and would have been buying what the baby needed before it was born and would be able to provide for it after it was born. Gary’s life and over all perspective on life would be more positive.


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