The Center of Grieving Children

The Center of Grieving Children

Proposal Designs for Human Services

HN400- Unit 2 Assignment

`For this assignment I chose The Center for Grieving Children this nonprofit was founded in 1987. Founded to provide a place for those who grieve the loss of loved ones or those who are dealing with life threatening illness. This center provides encouragement to the youth and helps strengthen their emotional well-being.

The Center for Grieving Children services over hundreds of adults and children, and over thousands of phone calls that help steer those to finding solutions to their current issues. Different programs that are offered here are, weekly sessions that are gaged around your age group. These groups are so comforting to those who need to be heard or just feel as those they have support. I was reading some reviews from different individuals who have been part of this nonprofit, and although the reason for their participation is sad, that fact that a community can come together and help those who have lost individuals who mean most to them, is incredibly noble. This non-profit means so much to me, because although I didn’t loose a family member or friend to death or any type of illness, I was in foster care and I grieved losing so many people around me. There was a point in my life where I wanted to give up, and I felt so lost because I had no one to communicate with. There was one particular day I was in the hospital and there was a hospital social worker that is mandated to go to each room at talk to patients and this particular encounter probably saved my life. She gave me the number to call The Center of Grieving Children and honestly, I laughed it off at first. Later on, I knew how important it was to talk to someone who knows nothing about me because they can listen and offer their opinions and support. Today I still talk to the lady that helped me, and I hope to open my very own non profit and pay if forward. The Center of Grieving Children can be reached by phone 207-775-5216 or can be located at 555 Forest Ave. Portland Maine 04101.

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