homework lab 10

Lab 10 Homework

A sample of 50 residential substance abuse clients are enrolled in your mindfulness

Program designed to address depression. Self-rating depression scales were

measured before the clients entered the program and then again after program

completion (with higher scores representing higher levels of depression).When

you entered your data, pre-test scores was input as Variable 1 and post-test scores

were input as Variable 2.Below is the SPSS output.

1. Based on your degrees of freedom, what is your critical-t?


2. What is your p-value?

p-value is the sig(2-tailed) value, 0.175

3. What is your SD?


4. Did you reject or retain H0?

Retained H0 since the p-value is greater than 0.05

5. Interpret your results.Include an explanation of the p-value and confidence


statistically, there is no significant difference between the means of variable 1 and variable 2 because the sig(2-tailed) value(which is the p-value) is greater than 0.05.

also, since the confidence interval includes zero between it then statistically there is no significant difference between means of variables 1 and 2.

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