Hotel escargo mission statement

Hotel escargo mission statement




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Hotel Escargo has standard operating procedure for guest check in check out. The check in check out system reflects how the clients move through the hotel from reservation, arrivals booking room service billing, bell personnel, and departure and maintaining available general guest assistance. Check in and check out provide a complete overview of hotel front office management and all the support position that make it work. Considering the time wait to check in and check out for hotel escargo a long wait for hotel check in check out can be painful for quests arriving after a grueling day of travel and that impacts on guests satisfaction the time of wait can even be longer during high customer volumes at peak times

Most hotels naturally considers the normal check in check out as important high-touch service of a front office integrating new system on place can bring robust results in helping hotel escargo to offer efficient service to guests and to attain global standards


Adapting a new system for Hotel Escargo enable high standard of customer satisfaction and reducing time for check in and check out. Hotel escargo chains need to integrate guests. New system adapts software integrated application that is cloud-based and can run on a smart phones, tablets and computer since more than 90% of guests do use this gadgets they can login, guests will have choice and control over their entire hotel stay with ability to check in and to choice their exact room booking from digital floor plan without being physically there (Sriram, & Khajeh-Hosseini, 2010). When client arrives she or he can customize their stay by making requests for items to be delivered and other services provided by the hotel escargo using their smart mobile devices, tablets and computers.

Cloud based hotel management software is more cheaper considering the cost of managing it than hotel escargo adapting its own- premise technology the following five items considered.

The new process map

  1. Saves money: cloud based management tool saves quite number of infrastructure hardware and the maintenance cost
  2. Appealing to guest: guests will always have the application on their smartphones and tablets more so the staff can interact with the system even when they not in the hotel
  3. Considering the hotel chains cloud system offers centralize management and it allows the management to run the property more efficient
  4. Security -cloud based technology are more secure
  5. Flexibility-cloud simplify hotel operations and allows the hoteliers to access information on nay device anywhere, anytime (Sriram, & Khajeh-Hosseini, 2010).


The new check in and check out system enable the guest to access all the services offered by the hotel escargo via smartphone, tablet and computer. The guest will have the ability to choose their own room, room type, exact location of the room number and other services offered by the hotel.

The stream line process involve

Guest room selection: this involve guest sign in their account new guests without the application can download the application and start the process of sign in .selection of the room depends on guest needs and what the hotel escargo can offer most of cloud based software applications are updated on real time hence the guest can no longer wait until they are physically in the hotel premise (Beason et al. 2009). Special services can be requested after choosing the room; guests can customize their stay at full hotel escargo services by purchasing upgrades and other amenities which are offered by hotel escargo.

Room key: hotel escargo will generate the quest keys since the guest’s payment information and other details are already verified by the hotel escargo account prior to arrival.

Check out process involve guests receiving payment send via email since the system is automated therefore the guest can bypass front office reducing time for check out (Buyya et al. 2009).


Hotel escargo need to improve on customer satisfaction which goes hand in hand with boasting hotel revenue by adapting a new systems like the cloud management system cuts the cost of operating the hotel chain and provide real time performance of the hotel chain which help in policy making, management, customer satisfaction and rating of the hotel chains (Rost et al. 2014).


The cost of implementing the cloud management system of hotel escargo in relatively cheap considering the current system and new system their more advantages


The cost of cloud based solution ranging from $50-60 for the first tier, hotel can also pay a one-time fee of around $ 1300 with a more normal subscription route starts at $ 120/month and a maximum of $ 350 /month and the subscription depends on number of room.

  1. Cloud check in check out is reliable, efficient the hotel does require the hardware to run but provided by cloud providers
  2. Considering the current system the hardware tend to crash losing valuable data but cloud system avoid such scenario
  3. Hotel does not require to hire specialist to run the system its simple since its managed by cloud
  4. Resources

    Considering the problem statement customer satisfaction is vital for any hospitality set up, customers will tend to avoid hotel that takes longer check in check out times and adapting modern technology cuts the cost of operation and synchronizes all hotel chain services (Sriram & Khajeh-Hosseini, 2010).

    Resources needed to adapt the new system will be generated through annual returns of the hotel, further grants can be sourced through partners considering moving towards technology is a mile stone in any business set up and most partners support viable partnership.

    Management functions

    Escargo hotel management functions

    Administrative: The management exercises maximum power and authority and all the administrative decisions.

    Executive: fulfillment of the goal and decision made by the administrative group.

    Operations: operation include

    Front office which provides assistance to the guests it’s the most important since this function directly impacts guest:

    Chefs ensures the kitchen complies with set standards

    Hotel support staff: they are professionals who are specialized in their respective work waiters, room service, and cleanliness staff.

    Management charts hotel escargo

    Check in

    The current check in starts from the customer making reservation and following all check in process via the front office, the process involve one on one contact with the front office.

    Re work Check in

    New Check in process starts from the guests, most of the guests have smartphones, tablets and computers the cloud check in system allows the customer to make reservation considering real time application the guests can access the room type, floor plans and room number, the check in application provide variety of services that are offered by the hotel escargo all the services provide is tailored under the one application and customer can choice by accessing the application via smartphone, tablet and computer (Daconta, 2013).

    The application support payment via electronic means customers can do their payment electronically and will be verified upon arrival this reduces time check in.

    Check in charts


    Check in process in place is fundamental tools for creating and maintaining a positive Guest experiences “all hotel employees will consistently maintain high standard of hospitality professionalism this include smile and sustain eye contact in explaining room amenities, room service and other services ordered by the guests” (Michele Reynolds journal).

    Technology use in hotel escargo will need personnel who will handle clients and therefore hotel will provide short training to their employees to maintain the same guest-hotel escargo relationship since most guests visit the hotel more often.

    Rework Check out

    Check out service involves when hotel stay is over the payment receipts will send to customer mail account the same day other services can be sort during check out the bell person will have been notified on guest check out application, guest will notify valet on check out hence they will be waiting to pick the guest

    Check out chart


    Hotel escargo new check in check out service provide a robust customer service delivery the hotel can save money due to impact of cost running the current check in check out system since the cloud based management system save infrastructure hardware and maintenance cost and number of staff can be down sized cutting further cost to run the hotel chain


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