How do you feel

How do you feel?




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When I first saw the photos, my heart was full of mercy. The images show that the children are experiencing a lot of challenges due to poverty (Levine, 2014). The girl washing her hands captures everyone’s heart because of how she is dressed and the legs are not clean. The background portrays filthy environment scattered with iron sheets. The girl image is so touching and she needs help because she isn’t living a good life.

The second image of two boys shows that they are experiencing difficulties. The two boys can still afford to smile despite all the challenges they have. The boys are so energetic, full of life but poverty has taken their happiness. When you look at their eyes and face shows that they are not living a good or better life due to poverty (Geremek, & Kolakowska, 2014).  My thoughts about today’s lesson is that we should appreciate and be thankful for what we have because there are many people out there who need to have a share of food, clothes, shelter and many other basic needs. We should also be in a position to help the needy people and share what we have to others.


Levine, D. (2018). Poverty and society: the growth of the American welfare state in international comparison. Rutgers University Press.

Geremek, B., & Kolakowska, A. (2014). Poverty: A history (p. 199). Oxford: Blackwell.

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