HR Consultant Proposal Report final

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HR Consultant Proposal


Cover Letter

November 18, 2017

Caring LHCSA

105-05 Cross Bay Blvd

Ozone Park NY 11417

Dear Chief Executive Officer,

With the summary report of the strategic growth of the store to store of many organizations, please see the attached document as requested. The proposal of how excellent the organization and company strategies have developed the employee association. I will like to take the chance to thank you and the company for hiring me and letting to be a part of this delightful organization. As I stated, I ignore no time I take to analyzing the background of the organization and all the employees. The goals are placed for the growth of the organization; it is essential to evaluate all characteristics and branches that will be affected, that will be negatively and positively.

As the Human Resources Consultant, I am responsible for evaluating and discovering the weaknesses that will have a hindrance to the growth of the company. Many of the management roles assessed, all the employee affairs have analyzed, and emphasis on the growth that is high to the proposed worldwide and evaluation of the budget. The introducing of results will have the chance for growth, many changes, and the stage closer to an extreme possible for the organization. Thank you, for trusting me to deliver the proposal for the project and management team. If any related question, please be free to call me at 201-844-4644.


Ron VanSerttima

HR Consultant Proposal

The Human Resources Consultant is a complete administrative service that focusses on the replacement and management of the company employees requirements. The recruitment is a focus in the guidelines of the law, and many protocols that connected with the economics. The is also a recommended way to help grow the company workforce, by having program funding, and evaluation so that the company can be successful, and promote a potential outcome. In the organization as an HR consultant, they are growing in the organization work environment they may be numerous issues that will be taking reflection. The resilient element that can be used for the proposal for questions and have a suggestion that made so the company can be successful, and growth.

This element is place to evaluate the present workforce, like diversity in all department of the organization. The recommendation of the organization will help the growth, and support the values as well. It will then analyze the way all the leaders’ skills will then adopt innovation and have changes, problems among the relationship of employees and relevant facts. The evaluation of the organization strategies will help solve company problems that will be either pro or cons for labor laws and involved training planning for employees. Another area will be the implications that will make changes internal, external, and in the global environment. The company I will be using for this proposal is my employee Caring Home Caring.

The growth in the organization is outstanding, once they are successful in the place of work. The company goals associated with the mission, values, and vision. The team does not have a team that can generate trusted and innovative results that will make the patient safer for service that provided. The organization is also to make sure that all over the patient and employees is happy with the job and service. Motivation is in place to determine how the employee drives to the work they do, want and also satisfied. With the effective management of the company is to make sure that there is an essence of collaboration, satisfaction, and assurance. To have to make sure the employee had a content and dedicated to the job they do, they should have a definite and robust motive in different levels, and department in the company. The employees and employers are in place to accept the incentive of employees know what they are positive and negative in motivation, so it will help them be more efficient to find the job they are doing more satisfying.

However, the employers will want to know the areas that will help motivate the employees, so it will have they work so hard. The idea of motivation suggested that many individuals will choose the pathway that they will have to follow in the future. With the social area of motivation, it is a person and projected their self as a person and the way they move. To get someone to do something will have to be some incentive and they may have some limitations. Things can work for a company once there is repeated training, and try to secure the movement of the company. The manager should comprehend the area of motivation when moving forward to accomplish the goals that are among the employees and employers. It is a well-known purpose of an individual that have significant possibilities, and if there is vague of motivation, there will be no use.

The company motivation can be used to explore the process which allows people to yield more than a fair day’s work. It is usually about a small percent of individual’s volume as a result to proportion, every manager should be clearing a percent of individual’s ability exploit the performance with the outcome in accomplishing the goals of the organization, and at the same time enable the individual to develop their potential and gain the satisfaction. With every manager should have both interest and concern about how to enable individual to perform the task willingly and to the best of their ability. The employment motivations and job satisfaction cannot be isolated. However, they complement each other and respond to different organizational variables such as productivity and working conditions. The employee and their job satisfaction depend on a personal insight and their behavior in the work environment. This motivation can be driven by a set of fundamental, extrinsic needs and by their view of numerous job related and organization related attitudes.

The most essential, part of the company is to have an improvement and quality service in a different area, who need help with service and create an environment that is comfortable with a customer and many businesses. The purpose to the proposal is to generate a safe and warm atmosphere for the client in different area

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