Work Breakdown and Development of Inventory System Project

“Work Breakdown and Development of Inventory System Project”

Research work breakdown structures and compare one created with MS Project and one created without software. Next, justify which work breakdown structure you prefer and support your reasons.

There are three reasons to use a WBS in your projects. The first is that is helps more accurately and specifically define and organise the scope of the total project. The most common way this is done is by using a hierarchical tree structure. Each level of this structure breaks the project deliverables or objectives down to more specific and measurable chunks. The second reason for using a WBS in your projects is to help with assigning responsibilities, resource allocation, monitoring the project, and controlling the project. The WBS makes the deliverables more precise and concrete so that the project team knows exactly what has to be accomplished within each deliverable. This also allows for better estimating of cost, risk, and time because you can work from the smaller tasks back up to the level of the entire project. Finally, it allows you double check all the deliverables’ specifics with the stakeholders and make sure there is nothing missing or overlapping.

Analyze the WBS created by the private company.

The first step to creating a WBS by a private company is to get all your team, and possibly key stakeholders, together in one room. Although your team is not listed as an input or tool in the above sections, they are probably your most vital asset to this process. Your team possesses all the expertise, experience, and creative thinking that will be needed to get down to the specifics of each deliverable. Next, we have to get the first two levels setup. The first level is the project title, and the second level is made up of all the deliverables for the project. At this stage it is important to function under the 100% Rule. This rule basically states that the WBS (specifically the first two levels) includes 100% of all the work defined in the project scope statement and management plan. Also, it must capture 100% of all the deliverables for the project including internal, external, and interim. In reality the WBS usually only captures between 90-95%, and 100% is our goal.