HRM 530 Week 4 Discussion 1: Employee Selection

Discussion #2

“Employee Selection” Please respond to the following:

Compare and contrast the structured interview, situational interview, and behavioral interview. Determine which type of interview would be more beneficial when interviewing applicants. Support your selection.

The structure interview incorporates multiple rates, common questions, and standardize evaluation procedures.

Situational interview uses questions based on hypothetical situations.

Behavioral interview that uses questions concerning behavior in past situation.

Some managers are straight forward and want to get the interview done, so they process a structured interview, because they are want certain answers questions answered about the position that you have applied for and want certain questions answered about the company, they want to know why you want to be hired for the job and something about yourself.

There are some managers/supervisors that process a straight situational interview where they will ask a series of questions about certain things or situations that might happen if you are hired for the position, and they would like to know how you would handle the situation. Sometime they are not looking for a right or wrong answer but they are looking to see if you actually know something about the position, if you actually did your homework about the job.

Then there are some managers/supervisors that will process a behavior type of interview where they want to know how you will behave in a certain situations. Actually they want to know if your will sweat in stressful situations. But my saying is never let them see you sweat.

I am not sure what type of interviewing process would be correct. At one point in time I thought that a structured interview would be the best but a in reading the current text the type of interview that should be processed should be determine what type and who you are interviewing. If a structured interview is done you are trying to find someone that can answer a question that is quick on their feet. If a situational interview is processed the interviewee is asked questions that might happen in the position that they are interviewing for and the interviewer wants to know how they will handle the situation. If a behavior interview is processed the interviewer want to know how the interviewee will behave in the situation, if you will remain cool under fire or will you fold under the pressure.

In the selection of the candidate, determine if the manager should make the final choice or if others should be included in the final decision. Support your position.

I think they everyone involved should help make the decision on whom should be hired for the position, but the final decision should come from the Manager and the Supervisor that the interviewee will be working for and under.