HRM 530 Week 4 Discussion 1: Employee Testing

Week 4

Discussion #1

“Employee Testing” Please respond to the following:

Evaluate the types of employee testing that companies may require that are discussed in the text. Determine the two tests that you consider the most important. Support your reasoning.

Depending on the type of job your are interviewing or applying for should determine what type of test that you should take, if your are interviewing for physical fitness instructor, your should take a physical fitness test, to see if you are able to do the do the exercises that you are going to teach or instruct others to do. If you are going to apply for a Management or Supervisory position the company should give the applicant should be given a situational judgment test, so that the interviewer would know if the future employee would be in a certain situation, what would they do, to either handle the situation so that it will not happen again and maybe making the situation a teaching situation. But the one test that I think all applicants should take is the Drug test, no company wants to hire an employee that is high on an illegal substance, the company needs to know who and what they are hiring.

From the e-Activity, take the test and examine your results. Determine whether you believe this type of personality test is beneficial to an organization. Support your position.

When taking the test the results states I am introverted (22%), Sensing (1%), Feeling (25%) and Judging (1%)…I think is somewhat right about me and somewhat wrong because I am totally an extravert, I am very talkative and I will talk to anyone about anything when I am out in a social situations but then there are time when I can be an introvert and I want to be alone with my thoughts.

There are time when a decision has to be made I will do with my intuition, but there are time when I have to go with my senses.

When a situation is placed before me I will act on feeling and I won’t think about it until after I have done it, which I am starting to learn not to do, but there are times when I will think a situation out and decided that I should just stay out of it.

I try not to judge people but I know that I do so without even thinking, I am learning not to Judge People but perception is bad also.