Select a company that has violated an HR law

HRM 531 Select a company that has violated an HR law

The answer for the question is posted below. The answer is explaining how T-Mobile breaked the federal labor laws. Human resouce is very important to the comoany and to the society and should be given time to express and discuss their issues freely


· Discuss the law’s requirements. Include information regarding what the law does, how it is executed, and the execution gaps of your selected organization.

· Recommend steps that organizational leadership should take in order to avoid challenges such as this one from happening in the future.



This is one example of the company that violated human resource labor recently. The company violated the United States’ labor laws. The company blocked the workers from discussing any issue which are associated with the organizations work. The company is known for bashing out its competitors in the wireless business and the company found itself in hot water for bad treatment of its workers. The company illegally restricted its employees from attempting to discuss workplace issues like wages and their working conditions. The court ordered the company to revise its laws. The company is known for its campaign to break the law systematically on the nationwide scale. The court stated that the workers should be given the chance to exercise their rights by organizing and organizing the campaign collectively. The company violated the laws by going further to restrict the workers from talking to each other and through the social media. According to the court, the policies by the company were illegal and the company was ordered to immediately post the notice to the staff which reaffirm their rights by forming the unions and the listing policies that the T-Mobile is not ready to enforce.

The law’s requirements

The policies of the company required the employees to work and not talk to each other. The workers who are found discussing issues which affects them in their working environment are being fired. The company executed the laws by ensuring that the worker’s social medias are supervised as a way of ensuring their loyalty to the law. The company has restrictive email policies and other social media policies like Facebook. However, the company denies the allegation and the company’s spokesperson states that there is no employee who has been denied the chance to communicate with the colleagues.

The federal labor laws require the human resources management to allow the workers to express their satisfaction or dissatisfaction in the work place through formation of the unions and it requires any other company to allow the employees to share ideas and to communicate freely. However, T-Mobile failed to implement these policies and it went ahead to break it literally. Coleman the former employee of the company revealed the way the company was treating its employees. He was among the top performing employee of the company but he was fired in May 2013 when he publicly criticized the company over the labor policies. The company is said to have destroyed the notebook which had the details of organizing its activities.

The judge Christine E Dibble found out that the 11 policies in the company were illegal out of 13 policies. However, the company states that the ruling by the judge was about the technical issues that were relating to the policies which were common to many countries in the world.

Gaps in executed in T-Mobile

The issues which arises in the execution of the polices in the company is that the management was trying to execute the laws which goes against the federal labor laws. The laws which were being executed were against the labor unions and this was the major problem.


Recommended steps to be followed in future to avoid such issues

The management of the company should know the employees are the backbone of the success of the company. Employees needs to be convinced to perform the work by compensating them well and allowing them to express their ideas. The following are some of the recommendations that the company should follow in future to avoid the situation in which it finds itself in collision with the court. These are

ü The company should allow employees to express themselves and be free to speak out what they feel it is not good

ü The employees should be encouraged by the company to form unions and choose their leaders who will speak on behalf of the rest.

ü The organization should try as much as possible to follow the federal labor laws and if it wants to break them, they should consult and be ready to accept the outcome of their consultation.

ü The organization should motivate its employees using other ways like pay scale and improving their working conditions so that the workers will be always satisfied with the work to reduce the level of complains.

ü The training should be provided to the employees so that the production level is improved to avoid forcing employees to do some things which may make the organization to force them


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