Selecting a Company

Assignment 1: Selecting a Company

HRM 560:

Assess the current Human Resource programs, policies, procedures, or initiatives in terms of effectiveness.

The company that I chose to assess is the company in which I currently work for, a local staffing agency here in Orlando called A&Associates. There I work as a Staffing Manager and during my time with the company I noticed the lack in Human Resource programs and policies within the company, which shocked me due to the large amount of employees within the company not only internally, but our temps as well. Once I realized that the company doesn’t even have a HR department to manage any employee complaints and or concerns I began to try to think of different programs and policies that needed to be set in place and that is when I decided to create some programs that will not only benefit the employees but will also protect the company. 

The HR program that was created was an answering system specifically meant for internal employees to call in and express any concerns or issues they may have, these an be submitted anonymously or the person can state their name in the beginning of the message if the wish. This is something that will be checked once a week and discussed at the weekly staff meetings to get everything out in the open and to ensure that everyone feels as if their voice is being heard along nicely with their opinions being valued.

Hypothesize the changes that require improvement.

By creating this system the company has definitely made the first step in developing their HR department however to really fulfill the HR needs of the company a new employee should be hired to focus on strictly developing different programs and policies to benefit the company. Some programs that should definitely be top priority is providing workers compensation, mainly due to the fact that we sometimes have employees that work on construction sites and that right there could be a very pricey safety hazard for not only the company but for the employee that may get injured as well.