Project Charter

HRM 517 Week 3 Discussion: Project Charter 

You have been hired to oversee the decentralization of your client’s human resources function in which corporate functions will be relocated to each regional office. Your boss wants you to start the project immediately, but you are insisting that a project charter be established first. Explain to your boss the importance of a project charter and what could happen if you decided to proceed ahead without a charter.

My boss wants me to oversee a project in which we will have to oversee the decentralization of one of our client’s corporate human resources functions will be relocated to each regional office. He wants me to proceed immediately without the benefit of a project charter. Since I have been designated to lead the project, I must insist that we first establish a project charter. First, I explain to him how vital this document is to a successful project. Once a project is selected, establishing the charter is one of the main step in initialization of the project. The project charter authorizes the project to take place, and authorizes me to use the resources that I need to complete the project. The charter is our agreement that he has authorized me to assemble my team, that we agree on the importance and the schedule of the project and the key milestones that will track our progress. It also points out risks and other necessary issues that might arise during the project. I explain to him that this document is important to the whole team because it is a written document of what is expected of them. The project charter is a contract that is agreed upon by the project sponsor and the project manager and the team. By having a project charter in place the project has a better chance of success because the sponsor and the team know exactly what they are trying to accomplish, why it is being done and what it will take to get there.


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