Change Management

Red Carpet

Change Management

Kotter’s 8 step model steps

Establishing a sense of urgencyForming a powerful coalitionCreation of a visionCommunicating the visionEmpowering people to work on the visionPlanning for and creating short term winsConsolidating improvements and producing still more changeInstitutionalizing new approachesOne advantage is that it creates a sense of urgency and creates guiding coalitionThe disadvantage of this model is that it is a top down model which could not be appreciated by the people in the organization.

OD Action Research Model Steps

EntryStart up and contractingAssessment and diagnosisFeedbackPlanning changeIntervention EvaluationAdoption Seperation The advantage of this model is that it can be used by a practitioner who wants to explore their teaching practiceOne disadvantage is that it involves huge risks for a practitioner to assess their practice.

Appreciative Inquiry Steps

Discovering strengths and capabilitiesDream – envision collectively on what is possibleDesign – build capacityDestiny – delivering results that stakeholders care aboutThe main advantage of this model is that it focuses on the strengths and what is already workingThe core disadvantage is that the model lacks a proper understanding of the issues that face the firm.Red Caret should use this model since it is a model that engages people and relies on the strengths of the firms and items that already work.

Overcoming Change

Creation of ways to communicate on the change among the organization on the new initiativesInviting team members in different groups to participate in implementation of the changeTieing successful implementation with compensationThe communication that may be needed in the organization is a communication strategy that communicates every step of the firm before carrying out major changes