HS101 Unit 8 Assignment

Yes, under the HIPAA law you would legally be able to look at this case. This is because it is part of your job, to look at patients’ medical information. In this case as the medical assistant you would be looking at the contact information of the patient.

In this case, to correct the error and provide the missing information and directions to the patient without violating the confidentially of HIPPA. As the Medical Assistant, you could call the patient, if they did not answer and an answering machine or voicemail picked up, you would have to leave the minimum amount of information as possible. For an example, you may say “Hello, Mr. Smith this is Shannon calling from Dr. Shipman’s office and you left behind some important documentation, please call us back at your earliest convenience at (123)-555-0546, thank you and have a good day.”

Three ways to maintain patient confidentially in a reception/waiting area of a medical office could be:

Having an enclosed entry way can help with confidentially by making the waiting room more private and less likely for other patients to hear through a door. A sliding glass window could help by keeping phone calls private when there are patients in the waiting area. Lastly, keeping a sign-in sheet by the computer or the telephone versus on the counter where other patients may see information such as name. telephone number and even addresses.

  • Having an enclosed entry way
  • A sliding glass window
  • Keeping sign in sheet by the computer or telephone

A breach of confidentially can result in a termination of employment for a healthcare worker. When you work in a healthcare field. Int is very important to maintain the confidentially of patients’ information and when this breach is broken, there are serious consequences such as termination of employment. Depending on the situation it can even lead to a civil law suit against the employee and the employer.

Two exceptions to confidentially in a healthcare facility are abuse and mental health patients that expose a threat. Abuse to children and elderly are exception to break the breach of confidentially because it is the job of any healthcare worker to report any suspicion of abuse and may need to provide the police or child protective services with information such as an address or the patients parents or a caregiver’s names.