IT Governance Analysis

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IT Governance Analysis

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Organizations in the various sectors of the economy depend on their information systems in order to run their operations effectively such that if the systems fail, it may stop its operations. Therefore, the role of developing and maintaining proper IT governance mechanisms is very crucial as it may have a huge impact on the operation, strategy, and structure of the organization. Productivity, efficiency, and competitiveness are other roles of IT that can be achieved through IT governance. IT governance entails controlling the IT resources of an organization such as information, technology and communication systems (Termeer, Opdam, & Soma, 2016) IT governance has made it possible to manage risks, increase returns and coordinate the activities of the various departments of the organization so as to work towards achieving the desired goal. Moreover, IT governance has enhanced the utilization of IT resources in an organization thus improving the overall performance.

The Process, Procedures, and Roles That Organizations Use to Make IT Decisions

Organizations have the capability to formulate strategies that will give proper direction while carrying out operations and making decisions in the organization. Hiring experienced IT specialists and professionals is another bold step an organization should undertake. This team will assist in making informed decisions relating to the Information Systems of the organization. In addition to that, the management should be quick in addressing issues such as inadequate resources that may hinder the completion of important projects. IT resources will work effectively when proper strategies have been formulated and implemented. The process of formulating IT strategies should be followed accordingly in order to achieve the desired objectives. The organization has a role of ensuring that the authorizing officer provides the essential IT devices to hasten the operations at the same time delivering quality work. The procedures and various processes need to be modified according to the needs of the organization


Termeer, C. J., Opdam, P., & Soma, K. (2016). Informational governance–A systematic literature review of governance for sustainability in the Information Age. Environmental Science & Policy, 56(4), 88-99.

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