Analyze the Role and Function of HR In A Healthcare Organization

Analyze the Role and Function of HR In A Healthcare Organization


Analyze the Role and Function of HR In A Healthcare Organization

Human resource management plays a significant role in the healthcare industry. Human resource management in a healthcare organization is responsible for hiring and firing staff, managing and handling safety and legal issues of the organization, being creative, knowledgeable, have great decision making skills, as well as making sure that each employee is giving the best care possible to the patients. They are also held accountable in making sure that each employee stays current in their education of health care policies and procedures (

One of the key roles that human resource management plays in today’s healthcare organizations would be to ensure that the organization can properly equip the employees with the tools they need to perform their jobs successfully and adequately. For example, the human resource management department is responsible for making sure that when they hire an x-ray technician that all of the tools and equipment that the technician needs will be in working condition, and if it is not replacements will be purchased. Another significant part that goes into the role of Human Resource management in healthcare is to hire individuals who best qualify for the jobs they are recruiting for. They are also required to make sure they list job requirements, skill and education requirements, working experience requirements when they are advertising a job opening. Human resource management is the one who conducts the job interviews as well (

There are a few core functions of Human Resource management. One of the core functions in terms of their level of support to the health care organization is Recruiting. Recruiting the right individuals for each job is one of the most challenging elements in the hiring process. Human resources must take their time when hiring individuals. They have to be sure to advertise the job, select the ones who are qualified for the job, screen their background to make sure there are not issues, conduct the job interview and confer with the hiring manager on job offers. Another core function is Maintaining a Safe Environment. Human resource management is responsible for providing the employees with work place safety training. They must also keep a list of all incidents that happen in the workplace such as falls and other various injuries. Human resource management also works with a specialist in regards to workman’s compensation benefits. A third core function of human resource management is Training and Development. Human resource management typically provides leadership training to those who are newly hired supervisors and those who have been promoted to supervisor. Human resources would also be the department that deals with tuition reimbursements and tuition assistance for those employees who are looking to develop their career. The next core function of Human Resource Management is Labor Law Compliance. This function is the most important and critical of them all in my opinion because failure to comply can result in injuries and serious legal issues. Human resource management must be cognitive of all federal and state employee laws (

In a Strategic Plan, the Human resource manager is the one who is responsible for coming up with a plan to resolve the issues the organization is having. They must create goals for the organization and accomplish them by planning strategically and be knowledgeable of the direction that the organization wants to go in. The human resource manager must also organize and develop a guideline and rules for employees to follow (


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