Health Policy Perspectives

HSA405 Week 2

Discussion 1:

“Health Policy Perspectives” Please respond to the following:

Discuss the perspectives of professional autonomy, social contract, and free market and their impact on how a health care organization-HCO-might be organized.

Take a position on which of the three would be best in organizing a HCO.

Professional autonomy in the healthcare setting means having the authority to make decisions and the freedom to act in agreement with one’s professional knowledge. “Qualified professions involve having effective knowledge and skills. With the help of having both understandings of each will help understand the entire profession as well as ethical philosophies. Conceptual analysis of professional ethics consists of an overall conception of professionality, a specific conception of the profession under consideration, and a conception of the normative requirements made by the social envelope of the professional activity, basic norms of equality.” (Kasher,2005)

Social contract in healthcare requires an understanding of the purpose of health care for individuals and society. It includes specifying borders for individual rights and state responsibilities. Because of these limitations, the task must be guided by the requirements of justice. Social contract focuses on economic and political characteristics. Moral values and understanding what it means to take care of someone’s health is carefully thought out in its biological, psychological and social dimensions. (Health care: a social contract in transition)

When it comes down to talking about a free market in healthcare there are many different perspectives people believe in. When it comes to the United States we have a mixed economy. The government controls some industries and place certain regulations on other industries. In a healthcare organization having a mixed free market can help set boundaries and help regulate costs.

In my opinion after researching the different perspectives I believe they all pretty much go hand in hand together all working towards the same goals which ends up being ensuring that all patients have the best quality of care in a healthcare organization with following certain regulations. If there was no government, there would be a bigger mess. We need someone to set some type of standards, laws, policies, regulations to some point. Otherwise nobody would get paid and there would be a lot of unhappy patients because there would not be a lot of thought going into the quality of care.


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