Course Takeaway

“Course Takeaway”  

Reflect upon three (3) aspects of the course that resonated for you. Describe the manner in which you have grown personally and professionally as a result of completing this course.

Three aspects of this course the resonated for me was:

The Population & Individual Health Measures: I never knew researched how particular demographic area may have a higher rate of consumers with cancers all types. The survey may provide information that one cancer treatment center in the area may provide better treatment for skin cancer. Versus another cancer treatment that treats all sorts of cancers, but are rated on the lower scale because of the broad area of research.

Factors Influence Health Care Demand (availability, cost, and health conditions): Availability can hinder or help the way health care services are delivered and/or received. And how, medical insurance deductible and copays that are expected when services are rendered, influence if a consumer seeks medical care. Also, how the consumers’ illness may affect the demand curve.

Provider Behavior: Healthcare compliance is to improve patient care, and when improved healthcare decisions are based upon appropriate and current clinical standards. How healthcare compliance covers several areas including, but not limited to, patient care, billing, reimbursement, managed care contracting, OSHA, JCHAO, and HIPAA privacy and security along with a few more.

From the e-Activity, compare and contrast the primary economic issues and policies both the Republican and Democrat parties address concerning the U.S. healthcare delivery system overall. Provide at least one (1) example of an economic and / or policy issue to support your response.

The Democratic view on health care is based around the idea that healthcare is accessible, affordable, and high quality care which is the American promise, and Americans should have the refuge that comes with good health care. For example, the Democrats rely on the fact the ACA is reducing the cost of healthcare to middle- and lower-class Americans, and have called the act “the largest middle-class tax cut for health care in history. The Republican Party believes in a patient-centered health care system, which is based in free markets, fostering competition and driving health care costs down. For example, the American Health Care Reform Act would provide options for individuals to deduct health care costs, reform malpractice laws to better protect patients and reduce the amount spent on lawyers, expand access to Health Savings Accounts, and help guarantee access to insurance by individuals with pre-existing conditions.


I really enjoyed reading your response to the discussion questions. I too appreciated learning how economics play a major role in the healthcare industry. Technology be it new testing, new aged medicine, or radiology and the cost and demand for technology. Well working in the healthcare industry how now insurance has to be accessible, and how the insurance company research ways to lessen the cost they pay providers. But, yet and still over great coverage to their consumers. Government well, there is always going to be a push a pull when it comes to healthcare. The government and other agencies are just trying to find ways to hold providers accountable for patient care, and still be in compliance and all laws and regulations. Good read!