HSA 515 Week 5 Discussion

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Week 5 Discussion

Read the case study titled “MinuteClinic,”. Predict whether or not embracing the Continuity of Care Record (CCR) standard will either benefit or damage MinuteClinic’s overall profitability.

There are many committees, offices managers, and administration that are there to ensure patients safely and satisfaction. Even though the job title of nurse and doctors are different their jobs actually over lab in the sense of providing care to the patients. The Credentialing process if very different while nurse attend a 4-year school, doctors attend college for 2 years and then residency for another 4-6 years. When healthcare professional is going through the process the committee will be looking to see who qualifies and who don’t. (educations, and Training)

Visualize three (3) patient issues that may arise as a result of implementing an electronic record that can be easily transferred from clinic to physician. Next, propose a plan to proactively address any one (1) of the patient issues that you identified. Justify your response

Doctors and nurse both play very important roles in healthcare. In most cases nurses are put on the back burner while doctors are in front get the lime light for all the work. Nurses are a valuable resource as they monito patients, give correct medication when need, and follow up with the doctors when a patient’s conditions change for good or worst. Doctor’s take on more of the urgent and big matters such as surgeries. The doctors must also keep a patient- doctor relationship because the patient’s life is in the hand, and all patients should trust their doctor.

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