Long-Term Care Management

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Tyriah Broughton

Week 6, HSA545-01 – Long-Term Care Management

Discussion 1

“Implementing Culture Change in Food Service”

Please respond to the following:

For its current key arrangement, the administering board has endorsed reception of culture change principally through self-guided work groups in nursing administrations and the usage of family-style eating. Usage of this agreement would require both auxiliary and process changes. The current kitchen situated in the storm cellar of the building and the principal lounge area is on the main floor. Utilizing a lift, sustenance is transported in trucks with hot and frosty compartments. CNAs get the feast plate with pre-portioned food straight from the nourishment trucks, check the occupant’s names against the dinner card on every dish, and place the plate before the inhabitant. Despite the fact that the administration is capable, its allure is extremely institutional. Be that as it may, residents and families have been happy with the dinners.

  1. Review the Case Study: Implementing Culture Change in Food Service, located on page 479 of your text. Next, examine the main structural and process changes that will be required to design and implement family-style dining at this facility.

The development of the dining will be done in two phases. The first step, the existing kitchen in the basement will be converted into a large food storage and a dishwashing area. A temporary kitchen would be built on the first floor. The second phase, a household-style kitchen would be constructed by the taking of a small space in the current dining room on the first floor. How the dust, noise, security and other potential disruptions would be handled in the construction. The best way to reduce the noise in the building is by eliminating the noisy processes or substituting them for the less noisy processes. Less noisy types of equipment are highly recommendable in the processes. Dust is inevitable in construction but can be reduced by regular watering of the affected area, proper location of the materials, control of the cutting and grinding materials on site and lastly appropriate covering of skips and vehicles. The security during construction should be highly considered by placing security officers on the site.

  1. Suggest a plan of action to address Ms. Laird’s concerns from the Planning Committee meeting regarding noise, security, and other potential disruptions expected during the construction of the new kitchens and dining areas. Provide a rationale for your response.


Thalheimer, E., & Shamoon, C. (2012). Understanding and complying with New York City construction noise regulation. Noise News International20(4), 135-140.

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