Needs and Uses of Long Term Care

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Long Term Care Services

Long term care services

Question 1

The long-term care service is needed by those who have a condition which occurs during their birth or is present during their birth (Harris-Kojetin et al 2014). Second is those who have an inherited disabling condition among the young adults. Long-term care services are used by individuals who are at their old stages in life. Second are those individuals who are disabled in one way or another.

Question 2

The need and the use of the long-term care services have undergone drastic changes. One of the ways is the situation where the disable is requiring a specific treatment process or program which suits them. The number of the individuals who are taking or under the long-term acre service has increased in the recent years (Arterburn, et al 2015). It has also been said to have created higher consumer satisfaction levels. Other changes that have occurred include the lower utilization of the institutional services and increased access to the services among the disabled and the elderly. A complex management process can be seen in the modern era. In additional a complete makeover can be seen in the process. The makeover has been created due to the element of specification when it comes to the services which are offered (Arterburn, et al 2015).. The issue of services provided without any clear route has been limited in the process. Lega authority has also taken over which is resulting in a specified program designs which are fostering the federal approval. With this increase in the overall supply of critical component can be seen in the process.

Question 3

In the next ten years, radical changes in the long-term care services will occur. One of the main changes will be an increase in the overall number of patients covered by the policy. The second will change the access route which was previously followed. In the new system, it will be characterized by components such as less inpatient care (Sarti, 2014). Second is the Greater access to HCBS services. The third element which will be seen in the coming years include More flexible services, including consumer-directed care. Other that will be observed will include cases of fewer costs among the service provision. Another critical change that will occur is the element of flexibility in the process. Changes in the infrastructural component can also be expected in the process. With this, the future system will be unique when it comes to the process of overseeing changes (Sarti, 2014).. Issues that will do will legal authorities will be profound by the end of the day.


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