Insurers of Long-Term Care

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“Insurers of Long-Term Care” Please respond to the following:

Review the video titled “Long-Term Care Insurance 101” (2 min 12s). Next, give your opinion as to whether or not people in their 40s and 50s should purchase long-term care insurance. Provide a rationale for your response. Click here to access the video if it is not playing correctly below.

When it comes to any type of insurances, it can become very expensive. Long term care insurance can be the high of them all. People in the 40’s and 50’sshould consider getting these insurances so they are taking care of and not worry when the time comes. In my opinion, people of all ages should do some research on long term care and the insurances because no one will ever know when they need those services.

Examine the critical role of commercial insurance companies in the financing of long-term services. Take a position as to whether or not insurance companies’ variations in the cost of premiums are justifiable. If justifiable, give at least one (1) justification for these variations. Provide a rationale for your response.

Anything dealing with insurances premiums are justifiable, in my opinion. Most premiums are offered from your age, health conditions, and how long you’ve have the insurances. People don’t research different insurances they just get the one they “think” is best not knowing the interest variations and premium rates. Long term care is complex because the need for them vary, so of course the insurances will be adjusted with the services.

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