HSA 599 week 1 discussion 1

Examine the concepts of analytical and emergent approaches to strategic management. Next, imagine that you are a hospital administrator. Determine which of the two approaches–analytical or emergent–would be more effective in planning to expand services to surrounding communities. Provide an example of the type of information that would be necessary when using the approach that you have deemed to be more effective.

The emergent approach and the analytical model are the two main approaches to strategic management.

Emergent approach sees everything in constant dynamics, and therefore does not have a definite, set well-defined or final goal, rather it leaves the strategy open and enables to shape it constantly. Emergent strategy is undertaken by an organization that analyzes its environment constantly and implements its strategy simultaneously. The main advantages of emergent approach are flexibility and speed of response to emerging strategic opportunities.

Analytical approach depends on the development of a logical sequenced of steps or process linear thinking. It uses the basic phases of strategic management, such analysis of environment, strategy formulation, strategy implementation and strategic control. It uses feedback to provide an opportunity to respond to sudden changes in the environment and modify the original strategy, to create updated strategy. However, it is rigid and inflexible.

When planning to expand services to the surrounding community, Emergent approach would be more effective. This is because health care systems and environment are dynamic and very competitive. The health care system would therefore require a flexible approach.

An information that could be necessary when using the approach is when determining the equipment to install at your new facilities. This is because technology is changing fast and improved equipment are on the market every now and again.


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