Daily Report Case Study

Daily Report Case Study

Sheri Coleman

May 28, 2018


Sheri Lang

Daily Report Case Study

As a front desk manager, one needs to put all their problems solving skills in practice because they need to think on their feet when a problem comes up. The hotel depends on the satisfaction of its guests for its success. This report presents the assessment of solutions for the problems given in the hotel case study and an explanation of alternative solutions before the governor’s daughter wedding reception.

Recommended Solutions to All of Yesterday’s Problems

The solution to the failed property management system will be to make sure there is accessibility to the provider’s tech support 24/7. A hotel is an around-the-clock operation and issues and questions with the property management system can arise at any time of day or night (Andrews, 2013). The front desk manager will then be required to apologize to the guests and maybe offer points equal to a free night as a reimbursement for the service failure.

The best way for the manager to respond to the failed delivery of scheduled seafood for a large party is to look for alternative reliable suppliers. The manager will need to coordinate the schedule of the party with the schedule of the suppliers and settle for the supplier who can meet that schedule. Technology can be used to monitor the progress of the delivery through E-collaboration with the supplier.

To respond to a wing of the hotel being too hot and complaints made by the guests, will take personal responsibility for the unpleasant experience and set a positive atmosphere by first apologizing to the guests for the bad experience and then presenting the solution (Andrews, 2013). The solutions could range from assigning the guests different rooms in a more comfortable wing to offering compensation in terms of a free meal or a free night stay at the hotel.

Laundry Room Flood Solution

The first solution to the laundry room flood is to first stop the flow of water by identifying the leaking washing machine and shutting off the supply of water to the appliance. Damage will be minimized by using a sump pump to clear the water or as a safer alternative, call the professional disaster clean up companies to take care of the flooding issue. Industrial fans can be used to dry up any remaining water on the basement floors. Finally, to avoid a future potential flooding issue from the laundry room, it will be necessary to have gutters that can channel water from the laundry room to a more suitable place such as sewer. Installation of automatic shut off valves can be installed to avoid this type of disaster in the future.

Linen Delay Solution

The first solution would be to use the working washing machines. This solution can, however, take long; further delaying the availability of the clean linens and negatively impacting the experiences of the guests. The manager can check the stock of the linen in the linen department and authorize the release of more linen to take care of the shortage of the clean linens in the rooms (Andrews, 2013). Alternatively, the manager can order for more clean linens from suppliers, if they can be delivered faster than waiting for the situation at the laundry room to be contained in case of short supplies.

Downed Credit Card Processing Machine Solutions

The first solution to the issue is getting quick-service support from the card machine providers. If the issue is with the magnetic strip, the swiping procedure can be overridden and manually entering the payment data or voice authorization. The manager can propose other alternatives such as cash and checks. The manager, however, needs to apologize for the technical failure and then proceed to offer solutions. Placing a notification for guest to see making them aware that the card processing machine is unavailable prior to servicing them can eliminate having some frustrated customers.


Being a front desk manager in a large busy hotel requires one to have high levels of problem-solving skills and utilize critical thinking skills. Arriving at work and being met with a myriad of issues that need to be resolved before an important event such as a governor’s daughter wedding reception needs one to think while on their feet work quickly and be able to multitask.


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