Tax Revenue presentation

Tax Revenue presentation

Sheri ColemanHTT/201

Hospitality industry

Sectors of tourism industry retrieved from:

Food and beverage Accommodation Travel and tourism

hospitality industry is a promising tax revenue investment

Economic outlook

What makes the hospitality industry so attractive?

Hospitality industry will: Drive Jobs in the cityDrive growth of the cityDrive the local economy Encourage reinvesting in the local community

Mode of travel

Personal cars Car hire servicesBusesShuttle buses Rail travelCharter buses Tour buses

Areas that could benefit: jobs

Hospitality industry

Areas that could benefit: local people

Supply chains (provision of goods and services )

Direct interactions

Direct employment

Reflection retrieved from: 

Consumer demand for food and beverage, accommodation and travel and tourism

Consumer demand for accommodation increasing Increased consumer demand over past five years for inns, hotels and beds & breakfast Increasing demand for tourism planning Increased demand for tourism management

Who would want to visit & why? Millennials market segment

Millennials will be visiting because:They like travelling a lotThey adopt new technology earlyThey prefer personalized interactionsThey will promote local hospitality establishments through social media

Who would want to visit? International visitors…

Rise in international leisure travelers who will be visiting for: Diversity of cultural experiences Entertainment Fun activities Sports and gaming Night life and bars


Hospitality sector linked to economic growth There is will be rise in the demand for travel Millennials and international leisure travelers will be the most expected kinds of travelers Locals will benefit from the job opportunities and interactions with the visitors


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