HTT 241 Types of Beverage Operations

Types of Beverage Operations


Types of Beverage Operations

This week we will discussing the three main types of beverage operations: beverage only, beverage and food, and beverage and entertainment. These three types of operations can be found in almost any kind of business from fast food joints, hotels, and stadiums. The food and beverage operations are divided into two segments. The commercial segment makes up 80% of the industry and includes operations in restaurants, catering and banquets, retail, stadium, airlines, and cruise ships. The non-commercial segment includes schools and universities, the military, health care, business and industry, and clubs.

Types/Classification of F&B Operations

F&B OUTLETS COMMERCIAL GENERAL MARKET Hotels Restaurant & Snack Bars Fast Food & Take away  
    RESTRICTED MARKET Travel Catering Clubs Institutional & Employee Catering Functions & Event Catering
  NON COMMERCIAL INSTITUTIONALCATERING Schools Universitycatering The militaryservices Prisons
    EMPLOYEECATERING In-housecatering Contractcaterer    

Variety of food & beverage operations

Shopping malls,airports, food counters Ethnic restaurants(Chinese, Japanese,French, Malaysian,Caribbean) Ethnic chains(Wagamama, BombayBicycle Yo Sushi,Nandos) Educational Institutions(schools, colleges,universities) Transport (rail, air &marine)
Welfare cateringhospitals, healthcare,prisons, military Restaurants (bistros,brasseries, coffee shops,cafeterias, wine bars,public houses, roadsiderestaurants) Supermarkets – foodretail ( food to go) Employee dining Outsidecatering
Private clubs Street vendors Fine dining Themed restaurants(Hard Rock Café, PlanetHollywood) Cafes &sandwich bars
Fast food chains(McDonalds, SubwayKFC, Wendy’s) Accommodation (hotels,motels, guest houses,hostels) Leisure (museums,theme parks, theatres,cinemas) Conference centres Takeaway(kiosks, fish &chips, snack bars)

The top four main drinks served other than alcohol drinks are, tea, water, coffee, and soda. But according to Esquire the 10 most popular drinks to order at a bar are:

Old Fashioned – The Old Fashioned is a classic as the come, and perfect for anyone who likes their whiskey drinks on the sweeter side.

Negroni – The Negroni is the epitome of summer drinking; sweet, sun kissed, and refreshing.

Daiquiri – Speaking od summertime cocktails, the Daiquiri is a citrusy sweet marriage of rum and lime.

Manhattan – While quality whiskey is important, the key to a great Manhattan is the sweet vermouth. So always ask for Carpano Antica.

Whiskey Sour – For those nights when you want to cleanse your palate, opt for a pucker whiskey sour.

Dry Martini – A classic martini technically should be made with gin, although if you prefer vodka that’s no sin either.

Margarita – The Margarita is the workhorse of summer. It’s best made with a splash of Cointreau or Grand Marnier, but if you like it a little sweeter, ask the bartender to add agave syrup.

Moscow Mule – Russia may be a heated subject right now, but this cocktail is crisp and refreshing, and good for any season.

Mojito – This is the drink Hemingway made famous.

Sazerac – The Sazerac combines all good things – rye whiskey, absinthe, and a punch of bitters.

Out of these 10 drink I have only tasted a few of them. But my top favorite drink is a White Russian. This drink is made with milk, vodka, and kalua. I consider this a grown-up version of chocolate milk.

Each business is set up differently. Some places have a homely feel to them, some have a laid-back feel. It just really depends on the type of feel and customer you are wanting to attract. When creating the right atmosphere keep these five simple steps in mind:

Décor – Decorate to what you like and what the customer likes as well.

Front Desk/Hostess Stand – When thinking about the ambiance of your space the key things to remember make sure it is always organized, clean, and behind the desk is a friendly associate who is greeting every customer upon arrival. The look and feel you create in this area should be used as a first impression, so think about the first impression you want to give your customers. 

Seating – Make the customer as comfortable as possible.

Music – Depending on the place will depend on the type of music that should be played.

Entertaining Material – Offer Wi-Fi is possible also put out magazines, books, and newspapers. It shows the customer that you care.

“On July 1, 1966, Mississippi’s Local Option Laws became effective providing each county in the state the option to vote on whether to allow hard liquor in their communities. It was at this same time the legislature confirmed that the policy of this state would be to “favor” the prohibition of hard liquor in Mississippi.1 The Mississippi Alcohol Beverage Control, a division of the State Tax Commission, was created in the same legislation for the purpose of enforcing the liquor laws and for the distribution of alcohol products in this state” (ABC, 2018).

“Mississippi is a “control state” (along with 17 other states) meaning it exercises complete control over the wholesale distribution of alcohol beverages.3 All legal alcohol entering Mississippi from manufacturers must be shipped directly to the ABC’s Liquor Distribution Center (LDC) located in Gluckstadt, Mississippi. From there it is shipped to licensed retailers for sale to the public. The ABC oversees the issuance of all retail licenses which includes an investigative process along with suitability finding on the permittee’s location” (ABC, 2018).

There are a lot of things that can go wrong when it comes to running a business from ordering to keeping the customer happy. Paying attention to detail is the key to happy customers and state regulations. Keeping a handbook on state laws is a must and having a copy of the business and alcohol license is a must.

When running a business, you should always keep in mind the drinking laws and ID every person that tries to buy alcohol. This will keep you from getting a fine, losing your business or going to jail. Alcohol should always be kept in a locked, cool dry room. Only managers should have the keys to this room.


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