Cultural Revolution Assignment

Unit 8 Cultural Revolution Assignment

HU250 -01

The first person I interviewed was my husband. He is a 43-year-old African American male that works as a paraprofessional providing in-home health care services for various aged patients. I chose him for this interview to get a male perspective on the recent cultural revolutions that have occurred with cop involved shootings of unarmed African Americans. I wanted to gain a better perspective on how these events are translating internally to him and to see how does these events affect his behavior when out alone. In addition, I would like to see if he had any suggestions and/or recommendations on how to handle what seems to be a growing epidemic.

Police involved shootings with unarmed African Americans can occur regardless of who you are, or what state or city you reside in, African Americans are fearful of potential interactions with police officers. The fact that some police officers are shooting first before asking questions is something that shows up every time there is an incident. Granted, not all police officers are taking this stance in how they approach African Americans, but there are so many inconsistencies in how they handle various situations, that it can make any person nervous. These shootings are disgusting and the lack of injunctions are no different. In most cases, there were no justifiable reason for their deaths, other than the officer either overreacting or the lack of proper training. This cultural revolution has made life more challenging not knowing if your next encounter with an officer will be your last. Police officers are to serve and protect and be a viable resource to those in the community in which they watch over; however, lately, it seems as if they are hunting. No suggestions or recommendations were discussed as there is a sense that even if compliance with an officers’ request is done, there is still a chance that a misunderstanding could occur resulting in tragedy.

The second person I interviewed was a thirty-two-year-old White female who is a receptionist at my company. She is a single mother of a one-year-old son. I chose her for this interview to get a different perspective on this cultural revolution and how this affected her as a single mother.

There was an awareness of the shootings, but the lack of the details behind them were absent. There is a concern that the ends don’t necessary bring peace to the families involved. In this world, there are good and bad people and there is no sense why good people should be treated in this manner. As a mother, there is a sense of protection that every child needs regardless of their age. That protection should also come from the police department. This cultural revolution has opened her eyes to be more aware of what is going on in the world and to be more sensitive to current events that don’t directly affect her.

Here we have two different people discussing the same cultural revolution and there are significant differences in how it is viewed. On one hand, I had someone who was aware of the incidences and there was an indirective effect on them and how they foresee police interactions while I had someone else who was aware of these incidences, but disengaged from the topic and how others were affected by these events. Both subjects felt that the outcomes provided no justice to the families involved and that change was needed. The subjects saw their role in society as being aware of the events, but not compelled to take action or join in any outward display of protesting. They were both aware of the challenges these events have caused and could potentially cause if nothing is done to remedy the situation(s). Although the challenges are great, their attitudes in regards to the opportunities this cultural revolution presents are promising. As this cultural revolution continues to evolves, we can only hope that this matter will be handled correctly and justice will be fair and equal for all parties and that the number of these type of incidences decline.

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